Baby Named Crimson Tide After Alabama Football Team

Nope, this isn’t an April Fools’ Day joke.

J.L. and Jackie Redd of Alabama, inspired in part by their surname, decided to name their baby boy Crimson Tide Redd in honor of the University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide football team.

J.L.’s family was “extremely excited” about the name, but Jackie’s family “couldn’t understand why we’d name our child after a football team.”

Little Crimson will go by the nickname Ty.


Source: Tallassee Tribune (via Friends of the Program)

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12 thoughts on “Baby Named Crimson Tide After Alabama Football Team

  1. I really hope the parents of Crimson Tide will see this comment. Our 6 year old son is also named Crimson!! Now we now there are at least 2 in the world, which is very exciting. We get some strange looks, but we love his name, and it suits him. We don’t regret giving him an unusual name. His middle name is Louis.

  2. At least they didn’t name him Megatron or Optimus Prime like some Facebook people want to do when they get a million fans.

  3. My 4 year old son also has the name Crimson. His middle name is Noah. We chose the name in honor of The University of Alabama. Roll Tide !!!

  4. Just noticed that the name “Johnparker” made the SSA’s baby name list in 2007 with 7 baby boys. I’m thinking it comes from John Parker Wilson, who was playing for Alabama at that time.

  5. I named my little girl Crimsyn! I think it is a beautiful name and have had several compliments on how unusual and beautiful her name is!

  6. I like Crimson for a girl, it’s sorta like Scarlet or Hazel. Unique color-scheme name.

    Let’s hope the Crimson Tides out there grow up to love that team, it’d be ironic if they end up liking or going to college at Auburn or Georgia. I know a guy named Bryant after Bear Bryant and he loves the team…but he goes to school at Georgia.

  7. This is awesome!!!! I am a huge Michigan fan and thought about naming my baby girl Maizey Blue!!!!

  8. Two more!

    Krimson Tyde, boy, born Dec. 17 to Summer and Steven Steele of Andalusia, Alabama.

    Crimson Tide, boy, 2 years old, son of Shane and Emily Broadhurst of Phenix City, Alabama. (Crimson has a sister named Alliegh Bama who’s 5 months old.)

    Sources: Andalusia parents name son ‘Krimson Tyde’ out of Alabama fandom, mom says and Phenix City man, father to Crimson Tide and Alliegh Bama, offers support to Andalusia family who named child Krimson Tyde

  9. Even more!

    Whether it’s spelled ‘Crimson’, ‘Krimson’, or ‘Krymson’, there’s no denying the rise of the tide name throughout Alabama.

    A closer look at the online baby name database revealed some interesting facts for baby names across Alabama. Of the 76 girls born in the U.S. in 2012 with the name Crimson, Krimson or Krymson, 35 were from Alabama. Additionally, nine boys in Alabama were named Crimson. Six girls in the state were named Auburn.

    Source: ‘Crimson’ tide of baby names in Alabama rises with football success

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