Bizarre Latin American Baby Names – Coito, Etcetera, Zark

Here’s a mix of strange baby names from various Latin American countries:

  • Alka Seltzer
  • Burger King
  • Circuncisión, “circumcision”
  • Coito, “coitus”
  • Etcetera
  • Krisis Mundial, “world crisis”
  • Maiparner, based on the phrase “my partner”
  • Makgiber, based on MacGyver
  • Perfecta Heroína, “perfect heroine”
  • Semiencanto, “semi-charming”
  • Selva Alegre, “happy jungle”
  • Vick Vaporup
  • Yanaci, “I was born”
  • Yotuel, “I, you, he”
  • Zark

I’m not sure which one I like more, Makgiber or Vick Vaporup. They’re both pretty awesome, aren’t they?

(Also, did you know that MacGyver’s first name was Angus?)

Sources: Mexican couple named their daughter “World Crisis”, Superman, Hitler and Frankenstein survive Chavez across Latin America

6 thoughts on “Bizarre Latin American Baby Names – Coito, Etcetera, Zark

  1. Circuncisión, “circumcision” caught my attention because I am a strong intactivist (against the routine circumcision of babies, particular the “medical” type common in the U.S.; I’ll remain silent on ones done for religious reasons).

  2. What an interesting list of baby names. I guess if you don’t know what they mean, they do sound sort of interesting…

  3. I found a man whose given name is Napoleaõ de Circuncisaõ (“Napoleon of the Circumcision”) in the 1939-1994 Amsterdam (Netherlands) civil registry.

    Other circumcision names in Amsterdam: Ridel da Circuncisão, Silvestre da Circoncisão, Circunsision Arcadio.

  4. Found more — plus some surnames — here.

    Unidad Nacional Centeno (national unity)
    Burger King Herrera
    Alí Babá Cárdenas
    Vick Vaporup Gíler
    Conflicto Internacional Loor (international conflict)
    Puro Aguardiente Zambrano (pure spirits)
    Cristóbal Colón Jaramillo
    Arcángel Gabriel Salvador
    Blanca Nieves Vera (white snow)
    Land Rover García
    Venus Lollobrigida
    Luz Divina (divine light)
    Oferta Bienleída (offer)
    Sostenes (support; bra)
    Perfecta Heroína (perfect heroine)
    Everguito Coito
    Poderoso Melchor (powerful)

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