Most Popular Baby Names in Austria, 1895

Wondering which baby names were the most popular in Austria, say, 116 years ago? Of course you are! Luckily, the New York Times has the answer. In 1895, the paper reported that the most popular baby names in Austria “according to the last census” were these:

Boy Names Girl Names
Franz (1,834,000 baby boys)
Johann (1,380,000)
Josef (1,085,000)
Leopold (584,000)
Wenzel (448,000)
Anna (1,780,000 baby girls)
Maria (1,632,000)
Elizabeth (1,260,000)

From 1867 to 1918, Austria was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, a dual monarchy ruled by Franz Josef I.

Source: “Austria’s Most Popular First Names.” New York Times 28 Aug. 1895: 4.

6 thoughts on “Most Popular Baby Names in Austria, 1895

  1. Yes, I’m sure you’re right. The NYT had the z-version, so that’s what I posted, but the s-version would have made much more sense on that list. Thanks!

  2. Hello there

    I am looking for a good resource to search for Austrian baby girl names. We live in the california and are second generation Austrians living here in the USA. My mother was the first to be born in the USA and we have lived here ever since.

    My wife an I are expecting a baby girl and we are searching for a good rsource where we can find an austrian name to give her. So far here in the use all web pages go to US web pages not any Austrian web pages. Can You please send us soem e-mail resources.

    Thank You

  3. Hi Daniel,

    Maybe this will help — these were the top 50 baby girl names in Austria in 2009:

    1-10: Sarah, Anna, Leonie, Lena, Hannah, Sophie, Julia, Laura, Marie, Katharina

    11-20: Lea, Lara, Johanna, Sophia, Emma, Lisa, Viktoria, Jana, Nina, Valentina

    21-30: Elena, Magdalena, Emily, Theresa, Amelie, Vanessa, Clara, Mia, Alina, Marlene/Selina (tie)

    32-40: Miriam, Helena, Emilia, Anja, Larissa/Lilly (tie), Jasmine, Eva, Angelina

    41-50: Elisa, Anna-Lena/Christina (tie), Fanziska, Emely, Chiara, Lina, Paula, Isabella, Maja

    Best of luck choosing!

  4. Hi I’m making a period piece of a WW2 era animation series. And I’m looking for Austrian girl names from the 1920s, just wondering if you could help thanks!

  5. Hi Bailey,

    I don’t know of a specific resource for checking historically popular Austrian names — maybe someone else does? — but my guess is that the most common names in Austria in the 1920s would have been traditional picks like Maria, Anna, Johanna, Eva, Sarah, Rosa, Aloisia, Hermine, Ernestine, Karoline, Juliana, Pauline, Hildegard, etc.

    Hope this helps!

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