Will the iPhone 4S Give the Name “Siri” a Boost?

Time for another baby name prediction!

Apple introduced the iPhone 4S earlier this month, and the first shipments should be arriving any day now.

The phone’s Siri voice recognition/dictation software has got people talking–literally. Siri allows you to have a verbal conversation with your iPhone. So far the software has received positive reviews, like this one from Engadget:

The most impressive part was the demo of Siri, the new assistant that lets you do just about anything you can do on your phone — but with your voice. We tried to psych it out with a bunch of random requests, including the history of Chester, Vermont (a lovely town) and the best Ramen places in San Francisco. Siri never faltered, never missed a beat.

The fact that a highly coveted Apple product now features software named “Siri” could be a game-changer for the baby name Siri, which was already on the upswing:

  • 2010: 111 baby girls named Siri [ranked 1,831st]
  • 2009: 119 baby girls named Siri
  • 2008: 115 baby girls named Siri
  • 2007: 108 baby girls named Siri
  • 2006: 104 baby girls named Siri
  • 2005: 72 baby girls named Siri
  • 2004: 55 baby girls named Siri
  • 2003: 44 baby girls named Siri
  • 2002: 36 baby girls named Siri
  • 2001: 29 baby girls named Siri

Do you think the iPhone will give the name Siri a boost? Perhaps nudge it into the top 1,000? (The cut-off was 249 baby girls in 2010.)

Why or why not?

12 Responses to Will the iPhone 4S Give the Name “Siri” a Boost?

  1. I know a 3 year old boy named Siri. He was named after his Grandmother Iris…. spelled backwards.

  2. I would guess a small boost, but not enough to get into the top 1,000.

    I know 2 Siris. Both girls. One is someone I went to college with; the other is the daughter of someone I went to college with. Both have northern European heritages.

  3. Okay, initially I thought “no way.” But after having listened to Siri pull up the weather and directions all morning, well … I kind of feel like she is a member of the family. I could see her catching on.

  4. I know of at least one child named after the writer Siri Hustvedt. But then, I used to live in Hustvedt’s hometown and Scandinavian names are pretty common there.

  5. Siri is a very famous indian name. Meaning- wealth

  6. Siri was developed by Siri Inc, a spin-off of SRI International, so it looks like Siri’s name was based on the acronym. (SRI = Stanford Research Institute.)

  7. My guess is probably, and that completely bums me out because it’s my number one baby girl name and I have no desire to see it rise in popularity! Also disappointing because it may lead some people to think that’s where we “got it from”. Our version is a nickname of Sigrid, a Scandinavian name that means beautiful victory.

  8. Our daughter is one of those from 2006. I’m a little bummed and hoping it doesn’t become a teasing factor in the elementary years. Although I like it since I may not have to spell out her name EVERY time she is introduced!!

  9. From the WSJ:

    [T]he name Siri sounds suspiciously close to the Japanese word shiri – a colloquial term for buttocks that, appropriately enough, rhymes with “crass.”

    Source: Seriously, Apple? In Japan, Siri Fans Bottom Jokes (10/5)

  10. I hope not! I love everything about my daughter’s name and, as silly as it may be, I am so sad that it’s being used for this. I wish Apple had gotten creative and renamed the software, something in the Google/Yahoo/Bing vein, rather than tainting this beautiful name.

  11. There’s now a Siri competitor named Evi.

  12. Here are the latest numbers:

    2014: 38 baby girls names Siri
    2013: 42 baby girls names Siri
    2012: 108 baby girls names Siri
    2011: 103 baby girls names Siri

    I don’t know what that sudden drop is all about. Any theories?

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