Parents Name Baby Dovahkiin, Get Free Video Games

dovahkiinBack in February, video game company Bethesda Softworks announced that it would give a prize to the parents of any 11/11/11 baby named Dovahkiin after the protagonist of their game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The name Dovahkiin means “dragonborn” in the Dragon Language of the game.

I didn’t blog about the offer, but I did mention it in a comment on the 11/11/11 post.

So what happened?

Well, one couple took them up on it.

Megan and Eric Kellermeyer (of the webcomic site Shards) welcomed a baby boy on 11/11/11 and named him Dovahkiin Tom Kellermeyer. Megan discusses the naming decision here.

Megan and Eric now get free Bethesda video games for life. (Hopefully Bethesda will last longer than IUMA did.)


Source: Dragonborn!, via Couple Completes Real Life Skyrim Quest, Names Baby Dovahkiin, Gets Free Bethesda Games For Life

2 thoughts on “Parents Name Baby Dovahkiin, Get Free Video Games

  1. Hi, this is Megan “Jade Griffin” Kellermeyer! Thanks so much for mentioning our son and posting this article:) I love unique names. Our daughter is named Kyari, after one of my story characters. Despite all the mixed reviews people have begun posting all around the net, we still stand by our decision:

    To all those who have voiced their opinions positively about our naming our son Dovahkiin, thank you for your kind words and support. To all who have voiced disapproval and scorn, I say only this: We were the bullied. We were teased in school, as many kids were, are, and shall be. But we never became what others wished to change us into. We didn’t conform for the sake of conformity, nor squash our true selves into oblivion (no pun intended). We saw something so special in this contest beyond the monetary and even beyond the fame. It was a statement: “I am me by choice, not by the design of others. I will not be shut down by they.” For those worried of the incessant teasing, don’t be concerned. We all get teased eventually. Just like his parents, he will survive and even thrive in his own individuality.

    As I stated in the blog post on our site,, if in the end the name is too much he has the choice of going by the middle name Tom, the name of my husband’s step-father who passed away a mere three weeks before Dovahkiin’s arrival.

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