Will the Baby Name Toby Be Getting a Boost?

The Disney sitcom Good Luck Charlie has been popularizing the baby name Charlie for girls. Will it now have a similar influence on the baby name Toby?

In December of 2011, Disney announced that the family in the sitcom would be welcoming a fifth child. Fans were given a 2-week window in which to vote for their favorite baby name via the show’s official webpage. These were the choices:

Bobby Jr.

The baby, a boy, arrived during the episode that aired on June 24, 2012. He was born in an ice cream truck and given the name Toby (which had received nearly 26 million votes).

Usage of the baby name Toby has been declining in the US lately:

  • 2007: 457 baby boys, 51 baby girls with the name Toby
  • 2008: 439 baby boys, 52 baby girls with the name Toby
  • 2009: 396 baby boys, 56 baby girls with the name Toby
  • 2010: 356 baby boys, 50 baby girls with the name Toby
  • 2011: 289 baby boys, 60 baby girls with the name Toby

Do you think the popular sitcom could turn this trend around?

3 thoughts on “Will the Baby Name Toby Be Getting a Boost?

  1. I dont think so. You can only really popularize names that already have an upward trend.
    Edward had 0 boost from Twilight for example.

  2. I very highly doubt it. How many people of childbearing age are actually still watching Disney Channel?

  3. @Emily – Probably quite a few. :) Those that already have children are forced to watch what their kids watch, after all.

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