Alphabet Soup Baby Names – ABC to XYZ

Last year, I asked if ABCDE really was a baby name. It is, but it’s not the only alphabet-based baby name out there. Here are some others…


I’ve tracked down more than a dozen people named Abc, including Abc Groff (1887-1966) in the SSDI and Abc Dixon on a list of “educable children” in Mississippi from 1878:

abc, name


I haven’t found any true cases yet, but plenty of people have had “A.B.C.D.” as initials. I did notice this on the 1940 US Census, though — looks to me like Abcdania or Abcdenia:

abcdania, name


One-upping the famed Abcde! I’ve seen two, one being Abcdef Riggs on the 1870 US Census:

abcdef, name

If Abcde is pronounced absidy, maybe this one is absidef?

I didn’t spot any letter-string names from the middle of the alphabet, but I did have some luck at the other end…


I’ve discovered over a dozen people named Xyz, including Xyz Smith on the 1870 US Census:

xyz, name

Another was Xyz Crenshaw (1906-2002) in the SSDI. Here’s his gravestone:

xyz, name

I wonder how Xyz would be pronounced. Ziz? Eksiz?

I’ve also seen extended versions like Xyza, Xyzen, and Xyzemia. Here’s Xyzrapha Dismuke on the 1940 US Census, for instance:

xyzrapha, name

What are your thoughts on names like these? Are they cool, or over the top?

One thought on “Alphabet Soup Baby Names – ABC to XYZ

  1. Found a third Abcdef in Russell Ash’s book Morecock, Fartwell, & Hoare: Herbert Abcdef Atkinson, born in Tynemouth, Northumberland, in 1904.

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