Top Baby Names in NYC – Jayden, Isabella

Last year — for the third year in a row — New York City’s most popular baby names were Jayden and Isabella.

More than 800 baby boys were named Jayden and more than 600 baby girls were named Isabella in 2011.

Here are more of the top boy names:

Rank OVERALL Asian &
Black Hispanic White
1 JAYDEN Ethan Jayden Jayden Michael
2 Jacob Jayden Aiden Justin Joseph
3 Ethan Ryan Elijah Jacob Jacob
4 Daniel Justin Jeremiah Matthew David
5 Michael Lucas Joshua Angel Benjamin
6 Matthew Jason Ethan Ethan Moshe
7 Justin Aiden Josiah Christopher Daniel
8 David Kevin Isaiah Daniel Alexander
9 Aiden* Eric Tyler Alexander Matthew
10 Alexander* Daniel Michael Anthony Jack

*Aiden and Alexander are new. They replace Joseph (#13) and Joshua (#14).

And here are the rest of the top girl names:

Rank OVERALL Asian &
Black Hispanic White
1 ISABELLA Sophia Madison Isabella Esther
2 Sophia Chloe London Mia Emma,
3 Olivia Emily Kayla Sophia Leah
4 Emma Olivia Chloe Ashley Sophia
5 Mia Emma Aaliyah Camila Chaya
6 Emily Isabella Makayla Sofia Sarah
7 Madison Tiffany Nevaeh Emily Rachel
8 Leah Ashley Gabrielle Hailey Ava
9 Chloe Fiona Taylor Leah Isabella
10 Sofia* Angela Jada,
Madison Chana

*Sofia is new. It replaces Sarah (#11).

Source: Mayor Bloomberg Announces Isabella and Jayden Are 2011’s Most Popular Baby Names for Third Year in a Row

3 thoughts on “Top Baby Names in NYC – Jayden, Isabella

  1. White boy names – zzzzzzzz. Talk about boring and overused names.
    Black girl names – trendy to the extreme…

  2. Great list and fascinating break down. It feels to me like the naming trend in the Asian-Pacific Islander community is about 10 years behind the general naming trend overall. (Justin, Kevin, Tiffany, Fiona).

    I think the biggest surprise for me here is Hailey on the Hispanic girls list.

  3. @C in DC – Great point about the Asian & Pacific Islander names. For a few (Eric, Angela) the lag-time seems even longer than 10 years.

    Very curious to know why this group gravitates toward “post-trend” names.

    In case anyone is wondering about the racial makeup of NYC, here’s some info from

    White persons, 2010 (a): 44.0%
    Black persons, 2010 (a): 25.5%
    American Indian & Alaska Native persons, 2010 (a): 0.7%
    Asian persons, 2010 (a): 12.7%
    Native Hawaiian & Other Pacific Islander, 2010 (a): 0.1%
    Persons reporting two or more races, 2010: 4.0%
    Persons of Hispanic or Latino origin, 2010 (b): 28.6%
    White persons not Hispanic, 2010: 33.3%

    (a) Includes persons reporting only one race.
    (b) Hispanics may be of any race, so also are included in applicable race categories.

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