Biggest Baby Name Debuts of All Time: Girls, 10 to 1

biggest baby name debuts of all time, girl names, 10 to 1

The final installment of the top baby name debuts for girls!

From 10 to 1:

Greidys, #10

  • Greidys debuted with 186 baby girls in 2009.
    Inspired by Greidys Gil, winner of the TV beauty pageant “Nuestra Belleza Latina 2009.”

Ayanna, #9

  • Ayanna debuted with 194 baby girls in 1971.
    Inspired by two things: an article on African names in Jet magazine, and Ayanna (b. 1971), baby of comedian/activist Dick Gregory.

Djuna, #8

  • Djuna debuted with 198 baby girls in 1964.
    Inspired by…I’m not sure what. Likely inspired by Djuna Phrayne, a character on the show “Channing.”

Fallon, #7

  • Fallon debuted with 232 baby girls in 1981.
    Inspired by Fallon Carrington, a character on the soap opera “Dynasty.”

Erykah, #6

  • Erykah debuted with 279 baby girls in 1997.
    Inspired by singer Erykah Badu.

Alexandr, #5

Sade, #4

  • Sade debuted with 393 baby girls in 1985.
    Inspired by singer Sade [shah-DAY].

Moesha, #3

  • Moesha debuted with 426 baby girls in 1996.
    Inspired by Moesha Mitchell, a character on the TV sitcom “Moesha.”

Isamar, #2

  • Isamar debuted with 446 baby girls in 1990.
    Inspired by Isamar Medina, a character on the telenovela “La Revancha.”

Kizzy, #1

  • Kizzy debuted with 1,116 baby girls in 1977.
    Inspired by Kizzy Reynolds, a character on the TV miniseries “Roots.”

And there you have it! The top girl name debuts ever, so far. Did any of the names this week surprise you?

Stay tuned for the boys’ list in a couple of weeks.

*The Top 50 Baby Name Debuts for Girls: 50-41, 40-31, 30-21, 20-11, 10-1*

2 thoughts on “Biggest Baby Name Debuts of All Time: Girls, 10 to 1

  1. I’m going with the 1960s feminist wave/reissue of Nightwood for Djuna. What else could it be?

  2. It *could* be Djuna Barnes. I can’t rule her out.

    But most of the top debuts were inspired by easy-to-digest entertainment — TV, music, movies. None were inspired by books.

    So…I don’t know. I’m just not convinced that Djuna Barnes was popular or influential enough to inspire the sudden interest in the name Djuna.

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