Donatello, the Ninja Turtle Baby Name

Donatello the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
Donatello of TMNT

The name Donatello debuted on the baby name charts in 1990:

  • 1992: unlisted
  • 1991: 11 boys named Donatello
  • 1990: 12 boys named Donatello [debut]
  • 1989: unlisted

If you were a TV-watching kid during those years, you already know what inspired this one: the brainy, purple-masked, bo staff-wielding turtle Donatello from the cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Turtle-mania peaked during the late ’80s and early ’90s, and if you look at the three other Ninja Turtle names — Leonardo, Michaelangelo*, and Raphael — you’ll see that usage for all of them rose during this period. (All four turtles were named after Renaissance artists.)

And now, the important question of all: Who’s your favorite Ninja Turtle?

*The character’s name is spelled correctly (Michelangelo) nowadays, but back then it was not.

3 thoughts on “Donatello, the Ninja Turtle Baby Name

  1. Speaking of cartoons – how about the Chippettes who debuted in 1983: Brittany, Eleanore, Jeanette. Not knowing of this cartoon, I named my daughter the very rare name of Brittany in 1986. It soon became the number one name for girls, much to my distress! It was so ridiculously popular that the soon released Disney movie “Hercules” had the line “Remember, like, a few years ago, every other boy was named Jason, and the girls were all named Brittany”? LOL!

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