Thoughts on Mamie?

A couple of months ago, published an essay about one writer’s decision to name her baby girl Mamie. (Actually, Mamie is the baby’s nickname; her real name is Mary Cecilia.) Here are a few lines from the end of the essay:

Now, I cautiously read articles on trending baby names, hoping ours doesn’t appear. A friend tells me she knows of two new Mamies born since my Mamie. To my ear, the baby name sweet spot falls somewhere between recognizable and popular.

I have no complaints about the name Mamie, but I do find it strange that the author, ostensibly concerned about her child’s name becoming trendy, submitted an essay about the name to a widely read women’s website. Because, well, that’s one way to kick off a trend.

Do you like the name Mamie? Do you think usage will rise in the near future?

Source: I Love My Kid’s Unusual Name by Anna Lee Beyer

8 thoughts on “Thoughts on Mamie?

  1. If she was smart, Mamie wasn’t her daughter’s actual name, but one designed to throw Cosmo readers off the trail!

  2. For me this name harks back to Mamie Eisenhower, but it never felt like a “real” name to me (which it seems to have been). Might do OK if used as a nickname, but I for one would not saddle a daughter with it. (But then, I wouldn’t saddle a daughter with the name North, either.)

  3. Okay, so parents now not only worry about the popularity and “trendiness” of their children’s names, but also their nicknames? That’s bonkers.

    You can’t even check how popular a nickname is, because people don’t register their child’s nickname. So no way of knowing how many girls named Mary, Margaret, Marigold, Madeleine, or something completely different, are called Mamie in everyday life. It could be zooming up some imaginary chart that doesn’t exist.

  4. Mamie was my daughter’s nickname for herself when she was a toddler and I was actually kind of sad when she learned to pronounce her name correctly. But as cute as Mamie is, I’m also glad it was just a babyish nickname and that we went with a more mature name for the birth certificate.

  5. I have been completely influenced by having a student named Mamie. You know how those things go. She was a good student. In a class of students that left much to be desired. She was intelligent but not arrogant, pretty but not ‘superficial’. So I like it, as a given name or for many names beginning with m, Mary, Margaret, Mariam.

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