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The Week Of Hair Poll

Let’s wrap up the Week of Hair with a poll. If you were having a daughter, and you had to name her either Shasta, Tamba, Brilliantine, Danderine, Harlene or Venida, which which would it be?

Which name do you like best?

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I don’t vote in my own polls, but if I were going to vote this time, I’d go with Tamba so that I could embarrass my daughter with that “Oo, oo, Tamba!” RuPaul lyric in public on a regular basis.

Week of Hair: Babies Named After Brilliantine

Brilliantine is a perfumed oil used by men to make hair (including facial hair) smooth and shiny.


It was invented by French perfumer Edouard Pinaud, who introduced brilliantine (originally called “brillantine”) at the 1900 Exposition Universelle in Paris.

So has anyone in the U.S. ever been named Brilliantine? Yes, I’ve found over a dozen Brilliantines in the U.S. so far, including:

  • Brilliantine Davis (née Tidwell), 1907-1989.
  • Brilliantine V. Barlas (née Melvin), 1922-2007.
  • Brilliantine “Britt” Satterwhite (née Wilson), 1942-2010.

(Brilliantine also happens to be a surname, so not all of the Brilliantines I found were necessarily named with the product in mind.)

The Week of Hair!

I like to keep things as quirky as possible around here, so I declare this week the Week of Hair — a week of posts about baby names inspired by hair products.

So far we’ve already talked about Bandoline Fixatrice and Drene, so today through Friday we’ll check out Shasta, Tamba, Brilliantine, Danderine, Harlene and Venida. (Those will become live links as I put the posts up.)

Enjoy it, hairy people!