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Double Names – Thomas Thomas, Lars Larsen, Gerald FitzGerald

I find it interesting that some people are given forenames that exactly match their surnames. A few historically significant examples include:

(Ford Madox Ford and Horst P. Horst don’t count. They were born Ford Hermann Hueffer and Horst Paul Albert Bohrmann.)

There are also many forename/surname sets out there that come close to matching, such as:

Aleksandr Aleksandrov
Anders Andersen
Antonis Antoniadis
Chamsulvara Chamsulvarayev
David Davidson
Donagh MacDonagh
Donald MacDonald
Dru Drury
Edward Edwards
Evan Evans
Filip Filipovic
Fiodar Fiodarau
Friðrik Friðriksson
Georgios Georgiadis
Gerald FitzGerald
Isaac Isaacs
Jens Jenssen
Jóhann Jóhannsson
John Johns
John Johnson
Konstantinos Konstantinou
Kristoffer Kristofferson
Lars Larsen
Ottiero Ottieri
Peter Peterson
Philip Phillips
Richard Rich
Richard Richards
Robert Roberts
Robin Robinson
Simone Simon
Stephanos Stephanopoulos
Sveinbjörn Sveinbjörnsson
Swen Swenson
Thomas Thompson
Thomas Thompson
William Carlos Williams
William Williamson

Have you ever met someone whose first name and last name were identical (or nearly so)? Do you like these sorts of names?

Update – I just found out about Thomas McKean Thompson McKennan, 1794-1852, who served as U.S. Secretary of the Interior for a few weeks in 1850. This is as close to a double double as I’ve ever seen.

More Olympic Names – Disney, Ludwing, Monday, Olimpio, Yipsi

Here are some more interesting Olympic names I’ve discovered:

  • Disney Rodriguez – wrestler from Cuba
  • Ludwing Manuel Ortiz Flores – judoka from Venezuela
  • Olimpio Cipriano – basketball player from Angola (and the only Olympian with an Olympus-related name!)

And here are some themed pairings:

  • Monday Merotohun & Monday James – Nigerian table tennis player & Nigerian soccer player
  • Filip Filipovic & Chamsulvara Chamsulvarayev – Serbian water polo player & Azerbaijani wrestler
  • Crhistian Lopez & Jhonny Senen Bilbao Bande – Guatemalan weightlifter & Venezuelan sailor

Another thing I noticed is that over a quarter of the Cuban athletes have Y-names (e.g. Yunior, Yaima, Yanet, Yordanis, Yuliesky and Yipsi). This isn’t too surprising, though, since most of them are members of Cuba’s Generación Y.

Source: Beijing 2008 Olympic Games