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Names in the News – Chidinma, Chijioke, Chinagorom, Chukwubuikem

The seven surviving Chukwu octuplets turned 10 on Saturday. Here are their names, and a few extra tidbits I gathered from a recent news article:

6 Girls:

  • Chidinma Anulika (called Chidi)
  • Chimaijem Otito (called Chima) <-- the tallest and the bossiest
  • Chukwuebuka Nkemjika (called Ebuka) <--the best student
  • Chinecherem Nwabugwu (called Echerem)
  • Chinagorom Chidiebere (called Gorom)
  • [Chijindu Chidera (called Odera) – passed away a week after being born]

2 Boys:

  • Chukwubuikem Maduabuchi (called Ikem) <--the messiest eater
  • Chijioke Chinedum (called Jioke)

Though their parents are Nigerian (Ibo specifically), the kids were born and currently reside in Texas.

The octuplets also have a 6-year-old sister named Favor.