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“Good” Greek Names – Eugenia, Eunice, Euphemia, Eusebia

Most parents I know think Eu-names are, well, ewww.

That’s too bad. I can see why Eu-names might not have the appeal of names like Jayden and Ashley, but they’re still great names–especially if you’re searching for something unusual but still legitimate (i.e. not a modern creation).

The prefix means “well; good; easy” and is featured in Greek names such as the ones below. (I stuck to feminine versions just to keep things consistent.)

Euangelia good news
Eudoxia good fame
Eugenia well-born
Eulalia good talk
Eunice good victory
Eunomia good order
Euodia good odor
Euphemia good speech
Euphrasia good cheer
Euphronia good state of mind
Eupraxia good practice
Eusebia good reverence
Eustacia good harvest
Eustathia well-built
Eustorgia good family-love
Euthalia good bloom
Euthymia good mood
Eutropia good bend
Eutychia good fortune

English-speakers tend to pronounce that first syllable “yoo,” but I’m pretty sure the Greeks articulated each vowel in the diphthong separately. Maybe English-speakers would find Eu-names more intriguing if we returned to that original “eh-oo” pronunciation? Hm…