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More Buttery Baby Names – Butterine & Nucoa

I wrote about babies named Oleomargarine a few years ago. Well, here are two more butter-related baby names I’ve uncovered recently.


butterine advertisement

Butterine was a synonym for margarine used by some companies in the early 1900s. No doubt they used it to remind consumers of the product’s butter-like qualities.

So far I’ve found two women with the first name Butterine:

  • Butterine Borner, born in Louisiana circa 1917
  • Butterine Davis, née Lewis, died in Texas in 1985



Nucoa was one the earliest brands of margarine. The word is pronounced new-coh — ignore the “a” at the end (think “cocoa”).

So far I’ve found two people, father and son, with the middle name Nucoa:

Have you come across any other food product baby names recently?