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Twin Boys Named for Wiley Post, Will Rogers

On July 10, 1935, Bert and Irlean Ash of Oklahoma City welcomed twin sons. The boys went without names — they were “designated merely as No. 1 and No. 2” — for more than a month.

Will Rogers and Wiley PostThen, on August 15, a plane crash in northern Alaska killed two fellow Oklahomans — pioneering aviator Wiley Post and popular comedian/actor Will Rogers.

Bert and Irlean decided to honor the pair by naming their sons Wiley Rogers Ash and Will Post Ash.

Bert was quoted as saying, “We hope the twins will be able to fly sometime.”

Source: “Twins Named to Honor Dead Pair.” Ellensburg Daily Record 20 Aug. 1935: 6.

P.S. Wiley Post flew solo around the world in 1933 in a plane named Winnie Mae.

P.P.S. Will Rogers, who was part Cherokee, was named after Cherokee leader William Penn Adair.