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Popularity of the Baby Name Kantina

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The Katina Spike – Caused by a Soap Opera?

The baby name Cotina was a top debut name in 1972, coming out of nowhere to be given to an impressive 109 baby girls that year:

  • 1978: unlisted
  • 1977: 6 baby girls named Cotina
  • 1976: 5 baby girls named Cotina
  • 1975: 13 baby girls named Cotina
  • 1974: 33 baby girls named Cotina
  • 1973: 65 baby girls named Cotina
  • 1972: 109 baby girls named Cotina [debut]
  • 1971: unlisted

But that’s not all. The popularity of similar names — most notably Katina — spiked in ’72 as well:

Name 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975
Katina 96 2,747 2,469 766 506
Catina 15 1,370 1,236 329 174
Contina 209 124 36 27
Cotina 109 65 33 13
Katena 27 28
Kateena 22 13 5
Cantina 17 15 7
Catena 15 8 5
Kattina 15
Kotina 12 8
Katyna 11
Cateena 10 9
Kontina 10
Kantina 9 6 5
Katinna 7 6
Cattina 6 9
Catinna 11


It took me a while to come up with a decent theory for this one, as the only person the search engines kept directing me to was Greek actress Katina Paxinou (1900-1973).

where the heart is
Katina’s mother, Christine
Where The Heart Is
I was stuck until, in a decades-old Village Voice article, I spotted a reference to a fictional soap-opera baby named Katina. She was “born” in early 1972 on the CBS soap Where the Heart Is (1969-1973).

Expectant parents tend to pay particular attention to TV babies, and soap operas have historically influenced baby name rankings quite a bit, so the double-whammy of a baby born on a soap opera must have had some sort of impact.

Then again, I can’t explain why the variant “Contina” jumped so much higher than, say, “Katena” or “Kateena,” which are much more Katina-like. So perhaps I’m missing something.

Does anyone out there remember Where the Heart Is? Do you think the soap was popular enough to have started a short-lived Katina craze in the early ’70s?