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Unique Baby Name – Cash Money

Yes, that’s right — I’ve found a kid named Cash Money.

Cash Money Smith, a baby boy, was born in Minnesota in 1997.

I’ve also found a girl named Kash Money Carter (born in California in 1989), another girl named Casha Money Davis (born in Texas in 1997), and other kids with names like “Kashay Moniae” and “Cashe Mone.”

Most of these Cash Money kids were born in the 1990s. Which isn’t too surprising, given that Cash Money Records, founded in 1991, was well known by the mid-to-late ’90s.

All this Cash Money is reminding me of a pair of names I found on the 1940 Census:


At that time, brothers (twins?) Big Money and Little Money Carter were both 14 and living in Louisiana.