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Baby Names to Celebrate Canberra’s Centennial Year

Canberra, the capital of Australia, was established (and named) on March 12, 1913 — almost exactly a century ago.

So the Canberra Times is asking people to suggest baby names that could commemorate Canberra’s centennial year, 2013.

Here are some names they’ve come up with so far:

  • Acacia, a genus of trees, most of which are native to Australia
  • Bluebelle, “after the Royal Bluebell, our Territory’s floral emblem”
  • Corymbia, a type of eucalyptus
  • Makaira, from the genus of the Black Marlin
  • Melliodora, another type of eucalyptus

One reader mentioned that his daughter was named “Aisha Caitlyn Truelsen” — initials ACT, same as the initials of the Australian Capital Territory. Her father said “she is quite chuffed about seeing ACT all over the place.”

What other Australia-specific (or, better, Canberra-specific) baby names would you suggest?

Here’s one idea: Gertrude, for Gertrude Mary Denman (1884-1954). Her name might not be stylish right now, but she was the person who officially named Canberra back in 1913.

Source: State of baby names range from the botanical to fishy

EDIT: Waltzing More than Matilda has tracked down an article about the baby that kicked off the Canberra Times’ search for centennial names — Allegra Bluebelle, born in Canberra last year on December 28.