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Popularity of the Baby Name Merla

Number of Babies Named Merla

Born in the U.S. Since 1880

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What’s in a Name? (poem)

By the Ogden Nash-like poet Richard Armour:

What shall we name the baby?
What name if a boy, if a girl?
If a girl, maybe Molly or Merla,
If a boy, maybe Erik or Earl.

Name if after a wealthy uncle,
And hope for a change in his will.
Will, in fact, might promote the suggestion,
Or Wilma might fill the bill.

Better still, call it Eks or Zero,
A just-for-the-present name.
Let it later choose what it wishes,
And thus you’ll escape the blame.

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Source: “What’s in a Name?” Lakeland Ledger 29 Apr. 1979, Family Weekly section: 27.