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My Name is Mud

Last week, “Tweets of Old” tweeted about someone named Mud:

Mud McGraw, Bill Guyley, and Dick Slighoo, notorious toughs, were arrested last week for robbing Darling’s store. MI1883

Mud McGraw of Michigan made me think of two things simultaneously:

  1. The obnoxious Primus song “My Name is Mud.” (The title comes from an idiom.)
  2. The possibility of the name Mud. Could it be legit? Have any babies ever been named Mud?

Surprisingly, the answer to that second question is yes.

I did a search and found hundreds of people with the name Mud. A good portion of these people were Native American (e.g., No Mud of the Crow) but most were not.

Some examples that stood out:

  • Mud Brown (born April 7, 1877, in Wisconsin)
  • Mud Butts (female, married in 1916 in North Carolina)
  • Mud Fish (female, born circa 1874 in England)
  • Mary Mud Grove (female, born circa 1850 in England)
  • Mud Turtle (male, born circa 1811 in Canada)
  • Mimosa Mud Lewis (female, born circa 1901 in England)

Were all of these people named with mud in mind? Probably not. In many cases, Mud surely came from the surname Mudd/Mud. And, for some of the ladies, I’ll bet Mud was a misspelling of Maud.

Still…”Mud Brown”? Ugh.