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Facebook Baby Name Contest

Toronto couple Robert and Rommy Alpinelli are naming their firstborn via Facebook. The baby girl, due in a matter of days, will be given whichever name has the most votes when Rommy goes into labor.

Right now, the top contenders are Aria and Melania. (The middle name will be Lauren.)

The contest is being sponsored by FabFind. The person who submits the winning name will win 25,000 rewards points from the site. The Alpinelli family will also receive rewards points.

To submit a name or cast a vote, log in to Facebook and go to the FabFind page. Anyone can play, but to win the prize you’ll have to be a Canadian resident living outside of Quebec.

Sources: Woman polls Facebook to choose baby’s name, Couple lets Facebook choose baby’s name

UPDATE, 12/9 – Baby Melania (2,862 votes) was born on Tuesday, December 7. In total, almost 3,000 baby names were submitted and about 20,000 people from all over the world cast votes.

Source: Baby’s name chosen by Facebook vote