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Google’s Advice on Changing Your Surname

Let’s say you’ve spent many years developing your personal brand online.

Let’s also say you’re getting married soon, and you’re planning to change your surname.

The name change is important to you. But your personal SEO is also important to you.

What should you do?

According to a Google spokesperson, the solution is to create a new name that contains your old name:

By adding a married name to your maiden name, this will create more search results from Google and keep the original SEO relatively intact. Even if you hyphenate the two last names, search results will [hardly be affected] if the maiden name is still next to your first name.

So, in terms of SEO, a change from “Rosalita Taylor” to “Rosalita Taylor Smith” or “Rosalita Taylor-Smith” is the smartest way to go.

Dropping your old surname entirely is not recommended…unless the surname you’re picking up is really uncommon (e.g., Rosalita Quisenberry). The visibility boost you’d eventually get could be worth it.

Whatever you decide, just remember to carry the change over to all of your online accounts, especially Google+. (It’s not the most popular social network, but it’s the one with the biggest influence on Google search.)

Source: How to Change Your Name Without Ruining Your SEO