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Baby Name Prediction – Saybie?

Saybie (Sharp HealthCare)

In late May, San Diego micro-preemie Saybie — believed to be the world’s smallest-ever surviving baby — was in the headlines for several days straight.

When she was born prematurely last December, she weighed just 8.6 ounces and wasn’t expected to live. But Saybie beat the odds, and after spending 5 months in a neonatal intensive care unit, she reached a weight of 5.6 pounds was discharged from the hospital.

We don’t know the baby’s legal name, but she was dubbed “Saybie” by hospital staff, so that’s what the press called her. (And at least one news site spelled the nickname “Saybe.”)

The unusual name Saybie has never appeared in the SSA data before — the closest I’ve spotted is Saybree — but do you think it might debut in 2019, thanks to this uplifting news story about a resilient newborn?

Source: Saybie, Born At 8.6 Ounces, Is Now Believed To Be The World’s Tiniest Surviving Baby