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Pros & Cons of Customized Baby Clothes

You can get your child’s name printed on virtually any piece of clothing: shirt, shorts, romper, dress, diaper cover…

But should you? Is it a good idea?

I was talking with someone about this recently. She’d spotted a cute personalized onesie online and was thinking about buying it. But she had a couple of concerns:

  • Price. The price of the onesie was slightly higher than what she was used to paying. And that didn’t include shipping.
  • Lifespan. As with all baby clothes, it could only be used for so long. Even worse, a onesie with a name on it would be hard (impossible?) to sell or donate later on.

I’d never really thought about the pros and cons of customized baby clothes before. Like her, I’m on the fence about it. I think it’s a good idea if you have a specific purpose in mind (family reunion, perhaps?) but I’d also be concerned about price and usage, along with…

  • Ugliness. My friend already had a retailer and design/font picked out. If you’re starting from scratch, though, you’ll be wading through a lot of ugly designs. I know; I looked. Here’s my fave:

    Ugly Onesie with the name SchylarThat thing in the top left corner could be a defibrillator. Hard to tell.
  • Cheesiness. Let’s be honest. Wearing a piece of clothing that has your name on it? Pretty cheesy. Unless you’re a mechanic.

What do you think about personalized clothing for babies and young children — Worth it? Wasteful?