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Most Popular Baby Names in New York City, 2006

The top baby names in New York City in 2006 were Ashley and Michael, according to a list released yesterday by New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Here are the full top-ten lists for each gender…

Girl Names

  1. Ashley, 518 baby girls
  2. Emily, 504
  3. Isabella, 457
  4. Sarah, 409
  5. Kayla, 406
  6. Sophia, 402
  7. Mia, 384
  8. Madison, 333
  9. Brianna, 326 (tie)
  10. Samantha, 326 (tie)

Boy Names

  1. Michael, 805 baby boys
  2. Daniel, 766
  3. Matthew, 748
  4. Joshua, 736
  5. Justin, 718
  6. David, 700
  7. Christopher, 675
  8. Joseph, 643
  9. Anthony, 639
  10. Jayden, 591

Many rare and unusual names ranked as well. Examples include:

  • Girls: Aissatou, Breindy, Egypt, Fanta, Fraidy, Frimet, Kadiatou, Noor, Pessy, Reem, Rivky, Shaindy, Tziporah, Yides, Yu, Zissy
  • Boys: Achilles, Adriel, Alpha, Dovid, Hershy, Jhon, Kacper, Kymani, Lazer, Mamadou, Naftuli, Sekou, Tzvi, Usman, Vladimir, Zalmen

Also, Tenzin was a cool one that managed to rank for both genders — it was given to 11 boys and 22 girls in NYC last year.

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