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Nancy’s Baby Names was created in early 2006. It wasn’t the very first baby name blog online, but it was one of the first. :)

The site has two main parts: the blog, updated every weekday, and the directory, which features nearly 100,000 baby names, most with nifty graphs (like this one).

The resident baby name writer/researcher here is me, Nancy Man. Here I am a couple of years ago, pretty close to falling into the Grand Canyon:

Nancy Man, Grand Canyon
Me at the Grand Canyon, © 2014 Nancy’s anonymous husband

I’ve been writing about names on the internet for over a decade. My name-musings have been republished at and linked-to from various places (The Chicago Tribune, the U.S. Census Bureau, New York Magazine, Wikipedia, Mental Floss, Woman’s Day, Huffington Post, Nameberry.com, Vice.com, The Week, RocketNews24, BabyNames.com, GlobalPost, TV Tropes, SmashingLists, Babble.com, etc.).

I’ve also written about other topics for publications not owned by me, but I won’t bore you with that list.

My favorite thing about of baby name blogging? Being able to learn new things about history/society through the lens of names. With this in mind, here are some of my favorite posts: Bobbyetta, Chaffee, Dorie, Elmer Ellsworth, Emancipation Proclamation, Fifinella, Halley, Iuma, Jesse Roper, Kasara, Laxative, Leneve, Malaeska, Monda, Nira, Rockne, Saford, Seroba, Sharlie, Silver, Trilby, Tuesdee, Zeppelina.


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If you’re sending in a baby name request for Five-Name Friday, please remember the guidelines: boil the request down to two sentences, and make note of the baby’s gender.