Unusual Baby Names

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Here’s a list of the most unusual baby names I’ve ever written about. I discovered these names in books, in the news, in historical documents, and in various other places.

How unique are these names? They’re so uncommon that they’ve never appeared on any of the U.S. baby name lists. So when you click one of the unusual baby names below you won’t see a popularity graph (as official popularity data doesn’t exist) but you will see a list of every article I’ve ever written about the name.

12-Gage 4Real Aarao Aaxico Ababis Abbud Abc Abcd Abcdef Abdullo Abolhassan Above Abs-Cbn Abstinence Acantha Acard Actsapostles Acwulf Adbrei Addallee Addtakizz Adelelm Adeliza Adelme Adelo Adelulf Adelund Adhara Adraboran Adulf Advaitesha Aedi Aefic Aelbert Aeldiet Aeleva Aelfeva Aelfgyth Aelfric Aelfrun Aelfthryth Aelgeat Aelgyth Aelhard Aellic Aelm Aelmer Aelod Aelric Aelrun Aelsi Aeriwentha Aeschere Aescman Aescwulf Aethelfled Aethelgyth Aethelhelm Aethelmer Aethelmund Aethelred Aethelric Aethelsi Aethelstan Aethelward Aethelwin Aethelwold Affraic Agathopodus Agenet Agenwulf Aghmund Agneli Agni Aguilar Ahmen Aibhailia Ailbern Aildag Ailhilla Airard Airasia Aisil Aistan Aitard Aiulf Akeli Akhanda Akhilles Akile Akston Aku Alberada Alberic Albertarose Albizium Albold Albrada Albrea Alchen Alchere Alcolm Alcude Aldaberontophoscophornia Aldbert Aldchurl Aldelin Aldeva Aldgyth Aldhild Aldstan Aldwif Aldwulf Aldwy Alef Aleifr Aleran Aleva Alexandreau-le-Prince Alfgar Alfgeat Alfgrim Alfheah Alfhelm Alfhere Alfkil Alfled Alfnoth Alfrith Alfsi Alfstan Alfwin Algar Algeard Algeat Algimantas Alling Allithena Almod Almroth Almund Alnoth Alnuar Alodia Alouette Alphone Alrandria Alred Alsi Alstan Alswith Altalune Altei Altet Althryth Aludra Aluerle Alulf Alun Alveva Alwaker Alware Alweis Alwold Alwulf Alwy Alwynn Amabilia Amalfrid Amalgar Amalric Ambrogio Amerikan Amerland Amfrid Amice Amiogho Amitava Ammia Amphelisa Amund Amus Amza Anakyn Anamol Ananeki Ananova Ananyashree Anarchy Anbold Anca And Andor Andrac Andreuola Andronicus Angkasa Angusina Anixa Anixza Anmchaid Annaiole Anna-Lou Annanova Annchen Anne-Marie Annerl Annexation Anning Anojan Ansculf Ansegis Anselme Ansered Ansfrid Ansgar Ansger Ansgered Ansgot Ansketil Antares Antarktyk Anthime Anthimus Antlia Antoine-Laurent Anund Anzac Aoyun Ape Aphthonius Apichatpong Apocalipsis Apocalypse Appollos Aquinas Arbela Archbold Archelaus Archippe Aret Arethusa Aretius Arkadina Armageddon Armenthia Armoise Arnbiorn