Baby Name Timeline: 1950s

The baby names below saw sudden changes in usage during the 1950s thanks to the influence of historical events. I’ve written explanatory blog posts about some of them — please click the links to learn more!

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renault, dauphine, car, baby names, 1950s,

1959 News: Prisca

1959 Politics: Nikita, Fidel

1959 Movie character: Gigi

1959 TV characters: Torey, Rowdy, Kookie, Rapunzel, Flint, Quint, Case, Staccato, Babby, Laurieann, Yancy, Elfego, Beaver, Wally, Markham, Josh, Lane, Layne

1959 TV contestants: Perian, Darris

1959 TV personality: Barrie

1959 Actors: Rory, Sondi, Ty, Andra, Wayde

1959 Writer: Ketti

1959 Songs: Donna, Leimomi, Venus

1959 Singers: Dellareese, Kitza, Damone, Fabian

1959 Musical group: Kalin

1959 Sports: Ingemar, Vada

1959 Product: Dauphine

1959 Brand: Renault

1959 Celebrity baby: Tyrone


attila, movie, baby name, 1950s,

1958 News: Tootie, Caril

1958 Movie characters: Perri, Attila

1958 TV characters: Paladin, Hoby, Vint, Delphine, Kitty, Kelly, Bentley, Samantha, Bret, Timmy

1958 TV personalities: Patrice, Elfrida

1958 Actors: Miyoshi, Sal, Brigitte, Arnaz, Tristram, Efrem

1958 Literary characters: Karil, Daintry

1958 Songs: Peggysue, Peggy, Tequila, Sayonara

1958 Singers: Sinatra, Keely, Dion

1958 Sports: Durelle, Yvon, Ryne

1958 Product: Chemise

1958 Celebrity baby: Monsita

1958 Celebrity related: Loray

1958 Beauty queen: Kahne


tammy, movie, baby name, 1950s,

1957 News: Doria, Sindee

1957 Politics: Gamal, Nasser

1957 Movie characters: Zarak, Jordy, Leslie, Jett, Jordan, Vashti, Tambrey, Anastasia, Rhoda

1957 Movie: Peyton

1957 TV characters: Marsheela, Maverick, Colt, Kaseem, Penny

1957 TV contestants: Evonne, Bunny

1957 TV personality: Zsazsa

1957 Actors: Yul, Pippa, Rock, Gia, Tris, Teal, Erin, Dani

1957 Literary character: Cindylou

1957 African-American magazines: Theonita, Clintona, Sherelle

1957 Comics: Bix

1957 Songs: Tammy, Sakeena, Cindy, Marianne, Deserie, Diana

1957 Singers: Gogi, Tab

1957 Musical group: Chantel

1957 Product: Velveeta

1957 Celebrity babies: Tierney, Liza, Caroline

1957 Beauty queens: Bryndis, Sanita


cubby, television, baby name, 1950s,

Here are the names for 1956.


kismet, comic, baby name, 1950s,

Here are the names for 1955.


ferlin, singer, baby name, 1950s,

1954 News: Bobbyetta, Marian

1954 Movie characters: Shalimar, Saadia, Corby, Vicki, Aida

1954 TV characters: Tinker, Topper, Cochise, Jan, Cheryl

1954 TV contestants: Rozana, Zana, Lili

1954 Actors: Darvi, Sheree, Rossana, Brandon, Dirk

1954 Comics: Valinda

1954 Song: Bimbo

1954 Singers: Yma, Eydie, Ferlin, Gayla

1954 Sports: Rahn


finesse, shampoo, baby name, 1950s,

1953 Politics: Dwight, Ike, Oveta

1953 Movie characters: Judalon, Angelique, Shane

1953 Movie: Enola

1953 TV characters: Chata, Tonga, Lucy, Ricky, Ricardo

1953 TV contestants: Barbi, Sunee, Wynelle

1953 Actors: Pier, Angeli, Doretta, Vanessa, Irasema, Lucille, Desi, Jerilou, Luann, Charlton

1953 Song: Haunani

1953 Singers: Joni, Mindy

1953 Sports: Yogi, Tenley, Lastarza, Marciano

1953 Products: Finesse, Capri

1953 Celebrity babies: Taryn

1953 Beauty queen: Neva


faron, musician, baby name, 1950s

1952 News: Vickye, Kennan

1952 Politics: Eisenhower, Adlai

1952 Movie characters: Danon, Pandora, Lygia

1952 TV character: Claudia

1952 TV contestant: Rondi

1952 TV personality: Buff

1952 Actor: Keefe

1952 Literary characters: Gevan, Fancy

1952 Comics: Valeta

1952 Song: Charmaine

1952 Singers: Faron, Adriel

1952 Celebrity baby: Leslie

1952 Beauty queen: Jodell


korla, musician, television, baby name,1950s,

1951 News: Glenalee, Glenna, Samia, Arlynne, Krystal, Kristine, Desnee

1951 Movie characters: Manina, Bathsheba, Kim, Choya, Sonseeahray, Rommel, Roxane

1951: Movie: Vendetta

1951 TV character: Patti

1951 TV personality: Korla

1951 Radio character: Spring

1951 Actors: Mala, Piper, Miroslava, Mitzi, Mitchum, Debralee, Dianalynn, Shaye, Dagmar

1951 Singer: Jilla

1951 Sports: Sugar

1951 Celebrity baby: Romina


frosty, song, baby name, 1950s,

1950 News: Chaneta, Deyanne

1950 Movie characters: Mariette, Roseanna, Samson, Delilah

1950 TV/radio character: Radames

1950 TV personality: Kyle

1950 Radio characters: Grayling, Nona

1950 Actors: Denise, Darcel, Silvana, Zorita, Broderick

1950 Comics: Vallorie, Mardeen

1950 Songs: Monalisa, Frosty, Valencia

1950 Singer: Terrea

1950 Beauty queens: Learta, Jacque

More Names

Other historically significant baby names bestowed in the U.S. during the 1950s include Barbara Gale, Dovima, Hopalong, Liberace, Milton Berle, and Sputnik.