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Girl Names by Letter

A-names for girlsN-names for girls
B-names for girlsO-names for girls
C-names for girlsP-names for girls
D-names for girlsQ-names for girls
E-names for girlsR-names for girls
F-names for girlsS-names for girls
G-names for girlsT-names for girls
H-names for girlsU-names for girls
I-names for girlsV-names for girls
J-names for girlsW-names for girls
K-names for girlsX-names for girls
L-names for girlsY-names for girls
M-names for girlsZ-names for girls

Top first letters for U.S. baby girl names, 2023

Boy Names by Letter

A-names for boysN-names for boys
B-names for boysO-names for boys
C-names for boysP-names for boys
D-names for boysQ-names for boys
E-names for boysR-names for boys
F-names for boysS-names for boys
G-names for boysT-names for boys
H-names for boysU-names for boys
I-names for boysV-names for boys
J-names for boysW-names for boys
K-names for boysX-names for boys
L-names for boysY-names for boys
M-names for boysZ-names for boys

Top first letters for U.S. baby boy names, 2023

The tens of thousands of names in this directory come straight from the the U.S. Social Security Administration’s national dataset, which stretches all the way back to the year 1880 and includes names given to at least five U.S. babies — of either one gender or the other — per year. (It doesn’t include rarer names due to privacy concerns.)

Each name links directly to a page with that name’s popularity graph, data table, and a list of all associated blog posts.

[Latest update: May 2024]