Gelsey, the Ballerina Baby Name

We don’t know yet if Misty Copeland influenced baby names in 2015, be we know Gelsey Kirkland did in 1979. more

How to Pronounce French Names – Anaïs, Étienne, Guillaume, Hélène

Simplified pronunciations of French baby names including Edwige, Ignace, Thibault, Lilou, Guy, Arnaud, and more. more

Popular Baby Names in Quebec, 2015

Emma and Thomas/William (tied) were the most popular baby names in Quebec in 2015. more

Poll: Favorite “Edinburgh Seven” Name?

Sophia, Edith, Isabel, Emily, Helen, Matilda or Mary? more

Unusual American Names – Free Silver, Gold Standard

The Free Silver Movement gave the baby name Silver a boost during the 1890s, as we saw in yesterday’s post. But the story doesn’t end there. Some parents got even more specific with their babies’ names, opting for the full phrase “Free Silver”: Free Silver Hopkins, born in Oklahoma in […] more

Babies of Silverites Named “Silver” in 1896

The baby name Silver is now a regular on the SSA’s annual baby name list. But it wasn’t quite as common back in the 1890s when it suddenly debuted with an impressive 10 baby boys: 1898: unlisted 1897: unlisted 1896: 10 baby boys named Silver [debut] 1895: unlisted 1894: unlisted […] more

Lois Club Members Don’t Like the Name Lois

The first “Lois club” was formed in 1979 in Minnesota. Since then, more clubs have sprouted up in Minnesota, in other states, and in other countries (like England, Ireland, New Zealand and Norway). Within the last few weeks I’ve read articles about two different Minnesota Lois clubs — the Twin […] more

Popular Baby Names in Saskatchewan, 2015

Olivia and Liam were the most popular baby names in Saskatchewan in 2015. more

11 Impressive People Named Victor

A list of impressive people named Victor. more

China’s “Middle Dot” Dilemma

Ethnic groups in China such as the Uygurs, Kazaks, Kyrgyzs, and Tibetans use a “middle dot” to separate their given names from their Mandarin surnames. But middle dots are being used inconsistently, thanks largely to technology. This is causing a lot of headaches. When issuing ID cards and opening accounts, […] more

The Baby Name Monda (Inspired by a Chicago Socialite)

In 1920, Chicago socialite “Monda Rose” was making national headlines. The result? An uptick in the number of U.S. baby girls with the name Monda. more

The Mystery of Essfa

Is it possible that one person was counted 6 different times in the SSA’s baby name data? more

Popular Baby Names in ACT, 2015

Charlotte and William were the most popular baby names in ACT (Australia) in 2015. more

A Baby Girl Named Odor?

Her mother says it’s “Odor-able.” more

Name Quotes for the Weekend #38

“Could you hand me the Amanda? She’s in the hall closet.” more

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