Name Quotes for the Weekend #26

“We’ll be more careful next time when our son Pikachu is born.” more

Unusual Baby Name – Gloxinia

Gloxinia is a flower name. Does it also make a good baby name? more

Thong Song Baby Name: Sisqo

I’m just thankful that the one-hit wonder in this case wasn’t “Thong.” more

Baby Born on Ship, But Not Named for It

Back when ocean liners were the main mode of long distance travel, it was common for babies born at sea to be named after the ship they were born on (e.g., Cleveland, Martello, Numidian). So it was notable when a baby was born on a ship and not named for […] more

Rare Female Names in Glasgow, 1914

Uncommon female names collected from a Glasgow newspaper in 1913: Anchoria, Herminia, Livonia, Tooze. more

26 Girl Names from 1916

An alphabetical list of girl names I found in an old issue of Photoplay Magazine. Which one do you like the most? more

Another Backwards Baby Name – Adnil

Adnil is Linda backwards. Or, it’s a typo for Advil. Either way, does it make a good baby name? more

The Sad Story of Roni Sue

Yesterday’s post was a happy story about a toddler named Roni Marie, but today’s is a sad one about a premie named Roni Sue. On the morning of November 26, 1966, a set of quintuplets was born to Patti and Michael Aranson of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The quints, all girls, were […] more

The Baby Name Roni

An orphan girl from Greece influenced the U.S. baby name charts in the mid-1950s. more

Notwithstanding Griswold – 1 Name, 2 People

Did you know that Notwithstanding Griswold — someone who is mentioned a lot on lists of people with unusual names — was actually two people? Sisters, in fact. They were the daughters of Jeremiah and Sarah Griswold of Durham, Connecticut. The first Notwithstanding, born in 1759, lived only one day. […] more

Girl Name Battle – Milly, Dorcas, Ruth, Martha, Liza, Sarah, Alice

Which girl name do you like best? more

Another Indian Baby Named for Railway Minister

A couple of years ago, I posted about an Indian baby who was born on a train and named after Mamata Banerjee, who served as Minister of Railways from 2009 to 2011. I’ve since found another Indian baby who was born on a train and named for a railway minister. […] more

Mystery Baby Name – Strange

Where does the strange baby name Strange come from? more

Pop Culture Baby Name Game 2014

It’s that time of year again! more

The Cinema-Inspired Baby Name Zudora

The baby name Zudora is one of the earliest cinema-inspired debut names I know of. more

Boy Name Battle – Adam, Benjamin, Caleb, Daniel, Ephraim, Frank, Gideon

Which boy name do you like best? more

Some “Odd” Names from Sweden

According to one Swedish news site, these are the ten “oddest” names in Sweden: Odd, meaning “point (of a weapon), spear.” Hundreds of men in Sweden are named Odd. Love, pronounced low-vay, meaning “fame” + “war” (via Lovis, via Louis, via Ludovicus, via Ludwig, etc.). Thousands of men and hundreds […] more

The Baby Name Tequila

The baby name Tequila: refers to a drink, but was originally popularized by a song. more

The First Baby Named After Shakespeare’s Juliet?

English actor Richard Burbage and English playwright William Shakespeare were close friends. So close that Burbage named his first daughter Juliet, very likely after the character from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. So Juliet Burbage, who was born in 1608 and only lived a few months, could have been the first […] more

Runner Has Middle Name “Running”

Do you think the middle name “Running” made it more likely that this guy would become a runner? more

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