Denali Sled Dogs – Favorite Name?

Fun for Friday! Which Denali sled dog has the best name? more

Popular Baby Names in New Jersey, 2014

Sophia and Michael were the most popular baby names in New Jersey in 2014. more

The Silver Screen Baby Name Seena

Seena is the third name (I know of) to debut on the U.S. baby name charts thanks to a film actress. more

The Baby Name Denali

The baby name Denali — a possibility for nature-lovers and adventure-seekers who aren’t afraid to buck tradition. more

Fighting for Aboriginal Baby Names in N.W.T.

Two First Nations mothers in N.W.T. recently made headlines because they were not allowed to use the character for a glottal stop in their children’s names. more

Pop Culture Baby Name Game Results, 2014

Winners this year include Elsa, Augustus, Zarina, Benedict, Kristoff, Shailene, Tauriel, and more. Thank you to everyone who participated! more

Most Popular Lengths for Baby Names, 2014

Once again, the data shows that 6-letter baby names are the most popular. more

Most Popular First Letters for Baby Names, 2014

What were the most popular first letters for baby names in 2014? A for girls, J for boys, and A overall…as usual. more

The Actress-Inspired Baby Name Ormi

As far as I can tell, Ormi is the the second baby name to debut on the national list (way back in 1916!) thanks to an actor working in film. more

Biggest Changes in Girl Name Popularity, 2014

Girl names that made big gains in 2014 include Olivia, Aranza, Harper and Montserrat. Girl names that slipped include Sophia, Miley, Nicole and Karly. more

Biggest Changes in Boy Name Popularity, 2014

Boy names that made big gains in 2014 include Oliver, Bode, Sebastian and Axl. Boy names that slipped include Jayden, Bently, Jacob and Damion. more

Top Girl Name Debuts of 2014

The highest-debuting girl names of 2014 were Dalary, Yazleemar, Sunjai, Hannaley and Tauriel. more

Most Popular U.S. Baby Names of 2014

Emma and Noah are the #1 names, and Charlotte and James are now in the top 10. more

Top Boy Name Debuts of 2014

The highest-debuting boy names of 2014 were Llewyn, Keylor, Feynman, Sanav and Jadaveon. more

Popular Baby Names in the Czech Republic, 2014

Eliska and Jakub were the most popular baby names in the Czech Republic in 2014. more

Posts About the SSA Names Will Be Late

My SSA posts will be late this year. Blame Prague! more

The Under-the-Radar Baby Name Francelia

Like old-fashioned girl names? Here’s one that may be new to you. more

The Baby Name Ember

The nature-inspired baby name Ember has been red-hot lately. Is Ember the new Amber? more

Popular Baby Names in Germany, 2014

Hanna/Hannah and Luis/Louis were the most popular baby names in Germany in 2014. more

200 Secular Baby Names for Atheists, Humanists

Searching for secular baby names? Here’s a long list to get you started! more

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