Mongolian Names – Bilguun, Nergui, Sazug

Around the time I spotted the names Wicahpi and Wakinyan on the SSA’s list, I also noticed a few Mongolian names: Bilguun (debuted as a boy name in 2006) Sodbileg (boy name; 2012) Temuujin (boy name; 2007) Temuulen (boy name; 2006) Bilguun means “sage” or “wise,” and both Temuujin* and […] more

Poll: Best Set of Boy Names for Triplets?

At least four sets of (naturally conceived) identical male triplets were born in the U.S. this year. Their names are: Ian, Cade and Milo Kinsey – born in Montana in January. Owen, Noah and Miles Fenley – born in New York in September. Thomas, Finnegan and Oliver Hewitt – born […] more

Popular Baby Names in Newfoundland & Labrador, 2014

Olivia and Jackson were the most popular baby names in Newfoundland and Labrador in 2014. more

The Squirrel-Inspired Spike of the Baby Name Perri

Perri: a Disney baby name so under-the-radar that I had no idea it existed. more

The Baby Name Trilby

History and usage of the literature-inspired baby name Trilby. more

Does the Name Gary Need Saving?

Back in September, Garry Snow of Canada was in the news. Why? Because he opened the twitter account @SaveNameGary. (Yes, really.) He launched it “because he says his name is on the verge of extinction.” Then, in mid-October, a couple in the UK were in the news. Why? Because they […] more

Name Quotes for the Weekend #34

“Could you call him or her Uppy? Uppy Downey?” more

Top Hebrew Baby Names in Israel, 5775

Tamar and Ori were the most popular Hebrew baby names in Israel in AM 5775. more

Bambi & Faline – Early Disney Baby Names

Plenty of Disney Princesses (Ariel, Mulan, Tiana, Elsa, etc.) have had an impact on the U.S. baby name charts. But two the earliest Disney characters to affect the charts weren’t princesses. In fact, they weren’t even human. They were white-tailed deer. The classic animated film Bambi came out in August […] more

Men with “Black” Names Seen as Aggressive, Low Status

“I’ve never been so disgusted by my own data” – research scientist Colin Holbrook more

Popular Baby Names in Providence, RI, 1866

Mary and John were the most popular baby names in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1866. more

Retro Sci-Fi Names from Rocky Jones, Space Ranger

Could you see any of these character names on a real-life baby? more

Popular Baby Names in Belgium, 2014

Emma and Louis were the most popular baby names in Belgium in 2014. more

Babies Named for Howie Schultz?

The recent post on Yogi reminded me of an even earlier New York baseball player who seems to have influenced the charts. He wasn’t a Yankee, though — he played for the Brooklyn Dodgers (now the Los Angeles Dodgers). The baby name Howie debuted on the charts in 1943 — […] more

China Bans Muslim Baby Names Among Uyghurs

Yet another country has decided to violate the rights of ethnic minorities via baby name restrictions. more

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