The Names Harriet and Duncan Are Illegal in Iceland

Two more baby names Iceland has rejected: Harriet and Duncan. more

The 20 Children of Charlemagne

The names of Charlemagne’s known children — Adaltrude, Drogo, Lothair, Theodrada, and 16 more. more

Unbelievable Baby Name – Meconium

People named for baby poop. Really. more

Sibling Names and Parental Speech Errors

Matchy-matchy sibling names increase parental speech errors. more

How Do You Like Your Name, Vincenza?

An interview with a Virginia woman named Vincenza. more

40 Pairs of Baby Names for Girl-Boy Twins

Some non-matchy pairs of baby names for girl-boy twins specifically. Which pair is your favorite? Have any to add? more

Name Quotes for the Weekend #22

“A name doesn’t have to be “creative” or “ghetto” to be Black; it just has to be Black long enough.” more

Don Ameche’s Rhyming Children

Six siblings with rhyming nicknames: yea or nay? more

Drene, The Shampoo-Inspired Baby Name

A one-hit wonder baby name that comes from a shampoo brand. It was popularized by an old-time radio show. more

Popular Baby Names in Idaho, 2012

The most popular baby names in Idaho for 2012 were Sophia and Liam. Unusual baby names include Alixathymia, Krozlee, Pearadice & Versailles. more

42 Swedes Change Their Names to “Klaus-Heidi”

Lufthansa’s edgy marketing campaign unexpectedly inspired 42 Swedes, all trying to win a trip to Berlin, to change their names to “Klaus-Heidi.” more

Is “Awesome” an Awesome Middle Name?

What’s your opinion of the baby name Awesome? more

Popular Baby Names in Nebraska, 2013

Emma and Mason were the most popular baby names in Nebraska in 2013. more

Book-Inspired Baby Name – Dorcasina

An unusual baby name inspired by a long-forgotten American novel. more

Brazilian Boy Named for French Soccer Players

A Brazilian boy, born in 2006, got the World Cup-inspired name Zinedine Yazid Zidane Thierry Hanry Bapthez Eric Felipe. more

Popular Baby Names in Spain, 2013

Lucia and Hugo were the most popular baby names in Spain in 2013. more

The 4 Most Patriotic Names of All Time?

Here are 4 of the most patriotic names I’ve ever seen. Which one would you consider the most patriotic of all? more

Popular Baby Names in Malta, 2013

Elena/Elenia/Helena/Ella and Luke/Luca/Lucas were the most popular baby name-groups in Malta in 2013. more

Popularity Graphs Are Updated (Finally!)

Nancy’s Baby Name graphs now have data from 1880 through 2013. Finally! Sorry about the wait. more

Clovia – Comic Strip Baby Name

The baby name Clovia, which debuted on the national list in 1949, was inspired by a popular comic strip. more

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