3 Baby Names in the News

Recently bestowed middle names inspired by a paramedic, a fire captain, a police officer, and a drive-by doctor. more

Popular Baby Names in Quebec, 2013

Lea and William were the most popular baby names in Quebec in 2013. more

What “Enos” Sounds Like In Italian…

Funny story that illustrates why it’s smart to run your favorite baby names by people who speak other languages. more

Riley – Boy Name or Girl Name?

Is Riley a boy name, a girl name, or something in between? more

Embarrassing Baby Names

Here are some fun slide decks full of embarrassing baby names like Bimbo, Chubby, Gross, Ham and Bubbles. more

The Baby Name Theonita

The one-hit wonder baby name Theonita was inspired by a Chicago debutante. more

Overconfident Baby Names

Here are some fun slide decks full of overconfident baby names like Classy, Epic, Majestic, Handsome and Einstein. more

Rejected Baby Names in Victoria, Australia

Victoria’s banned names include Wonderful, Anarchy and Tit. Yes, Tit. more

List of Female Names from 1888

Looking for women’s names from the late 19th century? Here are several hundred, including Cleanthe, Isadora, Nettie, Robena and Tillie. more

Will Venmo’s “Lucas” Ads Influence Baby Names in NYC?

Lucas buys a round, Lucas rides the subway, Lucas crosses the street. Will Lucas affect baby names in NYC in 2014? more

Will New Disney Fairy Zarina Influence Baby Names?

Will the latest Disney “Tinker Bell” movie make the baby name Zarina popular in 2014? more

41 Pun Names for April Fools’ Day (4/1)

Pun names for April Fool’s Day. Crystal Ball, Paris France, Seymour Butts (yes this one exists in real life!) and more. more

Soap Opera Baby Name – Lahoma

A baby name inspired by a 1960s soap opera character. more

Mystery Baby Name – Latrenda

Why were so many baby girls suddenly named Latrenda in 1965? more

Mystery Baby Name – Delphine

Why was there a spike in the number of baby girls named Delphine in 1958? more

Mystery Baby Name – Ondina

Why was the baby name Ondina a one-hit wonder in 1968? more

Mystery Baby Name – Spanky

Any idea why the name Spanky popped up on the SSA’s list in 1979? more

Mystery Baby Name – Sumiko

Why were a bunch of babies named Sumiko in 1980? more

NOTY 2014 – Your Final Four?

Here are my picks — what are yours? more

Changing Genders, Changing Names

Stories of name-changes by several transgender people. If you were going to change genders, what would you rename yourself? more

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