Chinese Names that Reflect Moments in History

Many Chinese babies are given names that reflect current events. As time goes by, these current events become past events, in turn making Chinese names a lens through which to view historical Chinese events/attitudes. During the post-Civil War 1950s, when Chinese parents had “hopes for a prosperous country,” popular baby […] more

A Baby Named Encyclopedia Britannica?

Back in 1814, a New York baby was named Encyclopedia Britannica. Her siblings also had distinctive names… more

The Baby Name Thumbelina

Has the fairy tale name Thumbelina ever been given to a real-life baby? more

The Baby Name Omoo

Inspired by a Herman Melville book. more

How Do You Like Your Name, Barry?

An interview with a Texas man named Barry. more

Baby Names Being Chosen Earlier in Rural Ethiopia

Parents are naming their babies much earlier these days in the Ethiopian countryside. Why? more

Name Quotes for the Weekend #23

“When I was in first grade everyone made fun of my name, of course.” -River Phoenix more

Popular Baby Names in Switzerland, 2013

Emma and Gabriel (for French-speakers), Mia and Noah (for German-speakers), Sofia and Gabriel (for Italian-speakers), and Jonas and Chiara (for Romansh-speakers) were the most popular baby names in Switzerland in 2013. more

Wu-Tang Baby Name – Raekwon

How popular was the baby name Raekwon (inspired by the Wu-Tang Clan rapper) in the mid-1990s? more

5 Curious Names – Darcy, Iyla, Manahil, Ruzgar, Tulisa

Five interesting baby names being used in England & Wales right now. What others would you add to the list? more

Popular Baby Names in England and Wales, 2013

Amelia and Oliver were the most popular baby names in England and Wales in 2013. more

Biggest Changes in Boy Name Popularity, E/W, 2013

The boy names Oscar, Muhammad, Greyson and Harvey-Lee made big gains in England and Wales in 2013. Riley, Harry, Rylan and Ray, on the other hand, did not. more

Biggest Changes in Girl Name Popularity, E/W, 2013

The girl names Sienna, Scarlett, Reeva and Esmay made big gains in England and Wales in 2013. Amelia, Lily, Gemma and Lilly-Mai, on the other hand, did not. more

Jordan – Boy Name or Girl Name?

Do you think the baby name Jordan should be given to boys, to girls, or used for both genders? more

Popular Maori Baby Names in New Zealand, 2013

Aria and Nikau were the most popular Maori baby names in New Zealand in 2013. more

The Baby Name Tsitsiki

The baby name Tsitsiki was a one-hit wonder on the national baby name list in 2004. Where did it come from, and what does it mean? more

Baby Name Predictions – Ellar, Iselle, Seanix

Will we see more babies named Ellar, Iselle and Seanix in 2014? more

Names from PEI & Maine – Sophus, Waldron, Grosvenor

The 5 most interesting names spotted during vacation: Prudence, Sophus, Hopewell, Waldron, and Grosvenor. more

What Would You Rename Yourself?

Imagine you’re creating a new, upwardly-mobile identity for yourself. What new name do you assume? more

Names Popular During the Victorian Era

Long lists of female and male names common during the Victorian era. more

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