Names in the News: Lahore, Pakistan, Leilyn

Three baby names out of post-earthquake Nepal that honor of rescuers. (And a random 4th name.) more

Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Theta

Theta was the top debut name of 1907…but where did it come from? more

How Do You Like Your Name, Zana?

An interview with an American woman named Zana. more

Popular Baby Names in Malta, 2014

Elena/Elenia/Helena/Ella and Luke/Luca/Lucas were the most popular baby name-groups in Malta in 2014. more

Teela and She-Ra, Masters of the Universe Baby Names

Two baby names that got a boost thanks to the ’80s cartoons She-Ra and He-Man. more

Tajikistan, 98% Muslim, May Ban Muslim Names

…along with any other names “incorrect or alien to the local culture.” more

Baby Names from ‘American Gods’?

Will the upcoming TV adaptation of ‘American Gods’ have any influence on the baby name Shadow? more

Which Baby Names Can Be Split in Two?

Which names can be chopped up into 2 usable mini-names along the lines of Jere & Miah? more

California “Parental Naming Rights” Bill Stalls Out

Members of California government tried (but failed) to force the state to add diacritical marks to birth certificates. more

The (Pre-Kardashian) Baby Name Jenner

I wonder how the Jenners born during the ’70s feel about the Kardashian phenomenon. more

Empire Baby Name Predictions – Cookie? Jussie?

What impact will the super-successful Fox show ‘Empire’ have on baby names this year? more

Pregnant Woman’s Car Hit by Bear, Baby Named…

When Michelle Oliver of Nova Scotia went into labor back in May, she and her husband Matthew got into their pickup truck and set off for the hospital. On the way, they hit a bear. Michelle said, “I opened my eyes and the airbags were in my face. There was […] more

Baby Name Battle – 3 vs. 3

Which set is better, “Lorayne, Bobbe and Patricia” or “Eunice, Josephine and Kathleen”? more

Baby Named after Notre Dame Coach

Coach Frank Leahy has at least one namesake. more

The Jockey-Inspired Baby Name Tuesdee

Tuesdee Testa, pioneering female jockey, has a handful of namesakes… more

The Baby Name Tash

Like the name Cash, but worry that it’s become too common? Try Tash, an under-the-radar alternative. more

Ohio State Fans Have Baby Girl Named Scarlet Gray

One of the many babies named with Ohio State University school colors in mind. more

Pet Names for Women – Inappropriate? Disrespectful?

Nine women graduated from Rutgers Female College in 1886, and three of these nine women went by the pet names Hattie, Bessie and Mamie (diminutives of Harriet, Elizabeth and Mary/Margaret) during the graduation ceremony. A writer at the now-defunct NYC newspaper The Sun had a strong opinion about this: “[I]t […] more

Princess Baby Names – Beatrix, Irene, Margriet, Maria

Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands had a total of 4 children, all girls: Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard (b. January, 1938) Irene Emma Elisabeth (b. August, 1939) Margriet Francisca (b. January, 1943) Maria Christina “Marijke” (b. February, 1947) The middle daughters were both named with current events in mind: […] more

The Rise of the Baby Name Cheryl

Cheryl was one of the top girl names in the nation in the late 1950s. How did it get there? more

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