Milledulcia – Possible Baby Name?

I recently discovered an old book called Milledulcia: A Thousand Pleasant Things (1857), which is a collection of items from early issues of the periodical Notes and Queries (launched in 1849). Milledulcia is made up of the Latin elements mille (meaning “thousand”) and dulcia (meaning “sweets” or “sweet things”). The […] more

Catherine vs. Katherine, State by State, 1910

Back in 1910, most U.S. states had a preference for Catherine-with-a-C. more

Astria – Baby Name Inspired by ’70s Animation

Yet another cartoon-inspired baby name. more

Jamaica May Prohibit Bad Baby Names

The RGD is not happy about baby names like Placenta and Syphilis. more

2 New-To-Me Names – Wicahpi & Wakinyan

A pair of Lakota-language baby names. more

The Baby Name “Iyla Vue” – Cute? Comical?

Move along, nothing to see here, just another set of pseudo-celebs giving their child a bad pun as a legal name. more

Popular Baby Names in Providence, RI, 1867

Mary and John were the most popular baby names in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1867. more

The Baby Name Leimomi

A Hawaiian baby name that debuted on the charts thanks to a song. more

Names in the News: Lenny, Angela Merkel, AirForceOne

Three recent baby name stories with connections to Africa: Angela Merkel: In February of 2015, a baby girl born in Germany to an asylum-seeker from Ghana was named Angela Merkel after the Chancellor of Germany. Lenny & Henry: In March of 2015, a set of twins in Eastern Uganda were […] more

First and Last Names Swapped for Inheritance

Stuyvesant Rutherfurd, Rutherfurd Stuyvesant… Which way do you prefer it? Why? more

Which Hurricane-Inspired Sibset Do You Like Best?

An Atlantic-Pacific crossover hurricane is one that developed in the Atlantic Ocean and moved into the Pacific Ocean (or, more rarely, the other way around) without dissipating/re-developing. There have been about ten crossover storms that we know of, and five were named. In fact, they were named twice because they […] more

Popular Baby Names in Switzerland, 2014

Emma and Noah were the most popular baby names in Switzerland in 2014. more

Baby Name Predictions – Junipero? Serra?

Will the controversial canonization of Junipero Serra today have any effect on the baby name charts? more

Popular Girl Names: Biblical vs. Non-Biblical

Today’s top 20 girl names and the top 20 from 100 years ago include about the same mix of Biblical and non-Biblical names. more

Popular Boy Names: Biblical vs. Non-Biblical

Interesting fact: The current top 20 includes significantly more Biblical names than the top 20 from 100 years ago. more

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