Name Quotes for the Weekend #25

“I’m not too fond of the name of Reginald. It’s a very kind of ’50s English name.” -Elton John more

Will the Baby Name Idina Debut in 2014?

The name Idina has never appeared on an SSA baby name list. Is anyone else very surprised by this? more

The Baby Name Pharrell – Trendy Again?

Pharrell Williams has been everywhere lately. How will this affect the popularity of the baby name Pharrell in 2014? more

How Do You Feel About Your Name, Ebony?

An interview with an Australian woman named Ebony. more

Mystery Baby Name – Wilba

Wilba was one of the top debut names of 1913…and I don’t know where it comes from. Do you? more

Mystery Baby Names – Open Cases

Still trying to figure out where the baby names Wanza, Nerine, Laquita, Norita, Delphine, Lavoris, Latrenda, Ondina, Toshiba, Sumiko and Marquita came from. more

Look Out for the Baby Name Moana

The next Disney princess, Moana, has been announced…but her movie won’t be out until 2016. How will this news affect usage of the name in 2014 & 2015? more

Most Popular One-Hit Wonder Baby Names – Boys

Jometh, Jefre, Eriksson, Alfy, Andamo, and other high-ranking one-hit wonder baby boy names. more

Most Popular One-Hit Wonder Baby Names – Girls

Meghann, Shastelyn, Charnissa, Jocell, Aidsa, and other high-ranking one-hit wonder baby girl names. more

Top One-Hit Wonder Baby Names Since 1880

The Social Security Administration’s annual baby name list only includes names given to 5 or more U.S. baby girls (or baby boys) per year. Most rare names never make the list, but a select group have appeared a single time. I like to call these the one-hit wonder baby names. […] more

Baby Name Battle: Sally, Irene, Mary

If you were having a daughter, and you had to name her either Sally, Irene or Mary, which would it be? more

Surfer Easkey Britton Named for Wave, Appropriately

Irish surfer grew up “riding the very wave that she is named after.” more

The Baby Name Tsianina

One day, while wasting time on Pinterest, I discovered a name I’d never seen before: Tsianina. more

How Do You Feel About Your Name, Roseanna?

An interview with a Michigan woman named Roseanna. more

Namibian Politician Wants to Ban Bad Baby Names

Namibian politician wants to ban baby names with negative connotations. more

Baby Name Battle – Delia vs. Trixie

Which name do you prefer, Delia O’Callahan or Trixie Friganza? more

Nicolae Ceausescu & His Brother, Nicolae Ceausescu

Drinking and naming do not mix. more

The Baby Name Orenthal

How did O. J. Simpson’s sports career in the ’70s (and murder trial in the ’90s!) affect the usage of the baby name Orenthal? more

Do You Like the Name Rhenen?

A U.S. couple recently named their daughter after the Dutch town of Rhenen. Do you like this name? more

Baby Named for Copley Square

Two marathon runners name their daughter Copley in honor of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. more

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