Train Baby Named ‘Santa Fe’

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A short newspaper item from early 1908:

TOPEKA. Kas., Jan. 4. — A little girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Harvey today on an Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe train as the latter was pulling into Topeka. The parents of the little girl are prosperous residents of Chicago and were en route from San Francisco to that city. They named the child “Santa Fe.”

I couldn’t find any record of this Santa Fe Harvey, but I did found another Santa Fe Harvey — though it was her married name. She was born in New York in 1889.

Related name: Seeva Fair. Baby Seeva Fair, born four decades after baby Santa Fe, had initials that referenced the Santa Fe Railroad.

Source: “Child Born on Train.” Los Angeles Herald 5 Jan. 1908: 2.

The Rise & Fall of Uldine

uldine utley, 1926, baby name
Uldine Utley in 1926 (from her magazine)

Have any 20th-century Uldines in your family tree? If so, there’s a good chance that your Uldine was named after pint-sized preacher Uldine Mabelle Utley.

Uldine Utley was born in Oklahoma in 1912, spent much of her youth in Colorado, and then moved with her family to California — where she first encountered Pentecostal evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson, in 1921. Not long after witnessing Aimee preach, Uldine decided to begin her own preaching career.

By the mid-1920s, Uldine was one of America’s best-known child evangelists. She drew a crowd of 14,000 when she preached at Madison Square Garden at the age of 14, for instance. She even put out her own monthly magazine called Petals from the Rose of Sharon.

And when Uldine Utley was most popular — from the mid-1920s to the mid-1930s — the usage of the rare baby name Uldine was at its highest, according to both the birth name data and the death name data (SSDI) from the Social Security Administration.

Year Uldine usage, birth data Uldine usage, death data
(under 5)
(under 5)
10 baby girls named Uldine
(under 5)
6 baby girls named Uldine
6 baby girls named Uldine
10 baby girls named Uldine
10 baby girls named Uldine
21 baby girls named Uldine
20 baby girls named Uldine
2 Uldines
2 Uldines
5 Uldines
1 Uldines
3 Uldines
3 Uldines
6 Uldines
6 Uldines
9 Uldines
8 Uldines
16 baby girls named Uldine
19 baby girls named Uldine
36 baby girls named Uldine [peak]
30 baby girls named Uldine
27 baby girls named Uldine
12 baby girls named Uldine
(under 5)
(under 5)
(under 5)
5 baby girls named Uldine [debut]
5 Uldines
10 Uldines
19 Uldines
19 Uldines
26 Uldines [peak]
9 Uldines
0 Uldines
2 Uldines
3 Uldines
4 Uldines

Uldine Utley kept up an intense preaching schedule until the end of 1936, when she suffered a nervous breakdown. She recovered temporarily, and even had a brief marriage, but spent most of the rest of her life in institutions or under family care.

Are you related to anyone named Uldine? What are your thoughts on the name? Any guesses about the name’s derivation?


Image: Petals from the Rose of Sharon (pdf), November 1926.

Popular and Unusual Baby Names in Moscow, 2017

According to the Moscow Civil Registry Office, the most popular baby names in the city in 2017 were Sofiya and Aleksandr.

Here are Moscow’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2017:

Girl Names
1. Sofiya, 3,780 baby girls
2. Mariya, 2,709
3. Anna, 2,595
4. Alisa (Alice), 2,200
5. Viktoriya, 2,124
6. Anastasiya, 2,082
7. Polina, 1,962
8. Aleksandra, 1,817
9. Yelizaveta (Elizabeth), 1,806
10. Yekaterina (Catherine), 1,676

Boy Names
1. Aleksandr, 3,201 baby boys
2. Mikhail, 2,677
3. Artem, 2,621
4. Maksim, 2,568
5. Daniil, 2,405
6. Ivan, 2,289
7. Dmitriy, 1,968
8. Kirill, 1,478
9. Matvey, 1,459
10. Andrey (Andrew), 1,453

The top names, Sofiya and Aleksandr, were the same back in 2014.

Last year’s uncommon baby names included…

  • Girl names: Agrafena, Dorofeya, Galina, Inna, Isidora, Iskra, Ladislava, Larisa, Lyudmila, Vassa, Zinaida, Zlatozara
  • Boy names: Anatoliy, Forvard (Forward), Franklin, Gennadiy, Kharlampiy, Ladomir, Nord, Orpheus, Patrikey, Valentin, Valeriy, Velesvet, Vitaliy

And here’s something cool: If you want to see month-by-month baby name data for Moscow, it’s available at Moscow’s Open Data website.

Source: Moscow registry offices named the most unusual children’s names of 2017

Unusual Baby Name: Jacomyn

The female name Jacomyn caught my eye as I was browsing through Curiosities of Puritan Nomenclature by Charles W. Bardsley recently

Jacomyn, part of the massive James/Jacob name-group, fell out of usage in England centuries ago (though an equivalent name, Jacomijn, still sees usage among the Dutch).

I’m not sure how the final syllable would have been pronounced — short like Evelyn? long like Adeline? — but I do know that the name was spelled all sorts of ways back in the 16th and 17th centuries:

  • Jacomyn Prentis, born in 1568 in London
  • Jacomin Tapshall, born in 1638 in Dover
  • Jacomyne Slade, born in 1614 in London
  • Jackomyn Boxsall, born in 1564 in Lodsworth
  • Jackamin Greene, born in 1672 in London
  • Jackamyn Wodestock, born in 1562 in Croydon
  • Jackemyne Trovell, born in 1576 in Ullingswick

I wonder if modern parents would be interested in Jacomyn as an alternative to more common James/Jacob-based feminine names like Jamie and Jacqueline…?

Would you consider using the name Jacomyn?

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pop culture baby names, 1940s, ebook coverHi all!

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