Popular Baby Names in Queensland, 2015

Charlotte and Oliver were the most popular baby names in Queensland in 2015. more

12 Impressive People Named Alan

A list of impressive people named Alan. more

What’s Your Cape Breton Nickname?

A few weeks ago I posted about the baby names Silver and Free Silver, which were bestowed by bimetallism buffs in the 1890s. Decades later, in the 1930s, Canadian writer Silver Donald Cameron was born. His name had nothing to do with monetary standards, though. He wasn’t even born a […] more

100+ Baby Names for 100 Years of the NPS

Parker, Ranger, Denison, Gunnison, Bona, Mara, and many more names to commemorate the 100th birthday of the National Park Service. more

Baby Names Approved & Rejected in Iceland Recently

So far in this year, Iceland’s Personal Names Committee has reached a verdict on nearly three dozen first names. more

Popular Baby Names in Turkey, 2015

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, the most popular baby names in Turkey in 2015 were Zeynep and Yusuf. Here are Turkey’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2015: Girl Names Boy Names 1. Zeynep 2. Elif 3. Hiranur 4. Miray 5. Ecrin 6. Zehra 7. […] more

Name Quotes for the Weekend #39

“If they can learn to say Tchaikovsky and Michelangelo and Dostoyevsky, they can learn to say Uzoamaka.” more

Names in the News: Lee, Sun Way, Frank, Jigme

Four recent baby name stories out of Asia: Lee Kuan Yew: In March of 2015, a baby boy was born in India on the same day that Singapore’s first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, died. The baby was named Lee Kuan Yew. Sun Way: In September of 2015, a baby […] more

How Will the Remake of “Roots” Influence Baby Names?

The historical saga “Roots” had a huge influence on baby names back in 1977…will this year’s remake have a similar impact? more

Need a Baby Name Consultant?

I don’t always recommend baby name consultants, but when I do, I recommend baby name consultants who are also bloggers. more

Popular Baby Names in Northern Territory, 2015

Charlotte and Jack were the most popular baby names in Northern Territory in 2015. more

Names from Central Burying Ground in Boston

Uncommon first names (like Alsendorf, Clarentine, Loms and Rodolth) that can be found in Boston’s Central Burying Ground. more

A Smattering of Mormon Baby Names

Jessie Jensen published her annual Mormon baby names post a few weeks ago. Some highlights: Dallin/Dallen, tied for “Most Mormon name.” Dallin H. Oaks is a prominent member of the LDS church and a former president of BYU. Rexalyn: “Ask your doctor if Rexalyn™ is right for you.” Roczen, which […] more

Study Finds Less Name-Based Hiring Bias…Maybe

A recent study found decreased discrimination in hiring…but it used surnames (not first names) to indicate race on resumes. Is the study trustworthy? more

Pop Culture Baby Name Game Results, 2015

Winners this year included Adaline, Abel, Finn, Taya, Lucille, Margot, Atticus, and more. Thank you to everyone who participated! more

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