Problems with the SSA’s Baby Name Data

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to the SSA’s baby name data. more

Want the Dalai Lama to Name Your Baby?

The 14th Dalai Lama will name your baby for you…just don’t be shocked if he chooses the name Tenzin. more

On the “Changed Nomenclature of Our Babies”

More proof that people have been complaining about “unusual” modern baby names since long before we were born… more

Unique Name Helps Adoptee Find Birth Family

An Illinois orphan named Tiona was able to track down her birth family thanks to her unique name. more

How to Write Nancy in Mayan

A month after getting back from Dubai, my husband was off to Mexico City. There, he got me this cool necklace that spells Nancy in Mayan — or so he was told. That was the clearest shot I was able to get. Here’s the “alphabet” they used: I love the […] more

Another Baby Named for Pullman Car

A baby born on a train was given the middle name Pullman. more

The 10 Children of Lady Charlotte Guest

If Lady Charlotte Guest had an 11th child, and you could choose the name, what would it be? more

The English Nobles Named “Other”

We know “other” is a vocabulary word, but did you know that it’s also a baby name? Hundreds of men in the U.S. have been named Other, believe it or not. more

The Baby Name Rhiannon

How big did the name Rhiannon get in the 1970s, thanks to the Fleetwood Mac song? more

How Do You Like Your Name, Matthew?

An interview with an American man named Matthew. more

Kilcher Names – Atz, Farenorth, Jewel, Q’orianka

Some of the unusual names to be found in the Kilcher family tree. more

Siblings Named Tonsillitis, Meningitis, Appendicitis…

Back in the 1930s, six siblings in Oklahoma were named for various medical conditions. more

Distinctive Baby Names, State by State

Some of the most state-specific baby names, including Baxter (Maine), Cedar (Oregon), Denali (Alaska), Gentry (Oklahoma), Helios (Arizona), Ignatius (Kansas)… more

Cortana: Another Video Game Baby Name

Do you play Halo? Here’s a baby name inspired by the game, though not right away… more

The Baby Name Nadiya/Nadia

Nadia: one name, two possible derivations (Russian and Arabic). Which origin/definition do you prefer? more

Chinese Names that Reflect Moments in History

Many Chinese babies are given names that reflect current events. As time goes by, these current events become past events, in turn making Chinese names a lens through which to view historical Chinese events/attitudes. During the post-Civil War 1950s, when Chinese parents had “hopes for a prosperous country,” popular baby […] more

A Baby Named Encyclopedia Britannica?

Back in 1814, a New York baby was named Encyclopedia Britannica. Her siblings also had distinctive names… more

The Baby Name Thumbelina

Has the fairy tale name Thumbelina ever been given to a real-life baby? more

The Baby Name Omoo

Inspired by a Herman Melville book. more

How Do You Like Your Name, Barry?

An interview with a Texas man named Barry. more

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