Popular Baby Names in Northern Ireland, 2014

Emily and Jack were the most popular baby names in Northern Ireland in 2014. more

Rikishi, the Stink Face Baby Name

A baby name inspired by a pro-wrestler whose signature move was rubbing his butt in his opponent’s face. more

Popular Baby Names in Queensland, 2014

Olivia and Oliver were the most popular baby names in Queensland in 2014. more

What Do These Baby Names Have in Common?

A mix of unusual names that are alike in one weird way… more

Name Quotes for the Weekend #28

“What message would it send to girls if the women of the U.S. Supreme Court were named Raymond, Simon and Elliot instead of Ruth, Sonia and Elena?” more

Common Names on First Passports in Ireland, 2014

The top “first passport” names in Ireland last year were Emily and Jack, same as in 2013. more

Baby Name Prediction – Keke

Did more parents use the baby name Keke last year, thanks to the influence of Keke Palmer? more

Popular Baby Names in South Australia, 2014

Charlotte and Oliver were the most popular baby names in South Australia in 2014. more

NBA-Inspired Baby Names

Late last year, SB Nation (the SB stands for “Sports Blogs”) ran an article on NBA-inspired baby names. I won’t summarize the whole thing here, but I will repost their graphic: And, in case it isn’t obvious.. Shaquille refers to Shaquille O’Neal Kobe refers to Kobe Bryant Kanye refers to […] more

Large French-Canadian Family in Massachusetts

Francois Gervais was born in St. Roch (near Montreal) in 1847. He later moved to Worcester, Mass., and found work as a carpenter. He and his second wife, Marie Louise, became the parents of 21 children within their first 20 years of marriage, according to a New York Times article […] more

Popular Baby Names in Saskatchewan, 2014

Emma and Liam were the most popular baby names in Saskatchewan in 2014. more

Popular Baby Names in Western Australia, 2014

Emily and Oliver were the most popular baby names in Western Australia in 2014. more

Oranjello & Lemonjello – Do They Exist?

Which urban legend baby names really exist? More importantly, are the stories behind these names ever true? more

Baby Named for Lifesaving Doctor

Sharon and Simon Guy of England nearly lost their second child, a boy named Dylan, when he was born prematurely in 2011. They credit Dr. Rebecca Sands with saving his life. So when they welcomed their third child, a baby girl, on New Year’s Day this year they decided to […] more

Which Lane Sister Name Do You Like Best?

Which of these female names do you like best: Leotabel, Martha, Dorothy, Rosemary or Priscilla? more

Popular Baby Names in Sweden, 2014

Elsa and Lucas were the most popular baby names in Sweden in 2014. more

Pop Culture Baby Names: Starsky & Hutch

Before you click, try to guess: Which saw higher usage in the ’70s, the name Starsky or the name Hutch? more

Popular Baby Names in Norway, 2014

Nora/Norah and Lucas/Lukas were the most popular baby names in Norway in 2014. more

The One-Hit Wonder Baby Name Seroba

There’s a surprising connection between the one-hit wonder name Seroba and a baby I wrote about years ago… more

Here’s a Name I Wasn’t Expecting: Atchafalaya

Atchafalaya: both a swamp and a baby name. more

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