A Baby Named for the Circus

A baby boy born in Maine in 1841 was named after a famous circus of the day. more

Normandie, Take Two

The ocean liner theory was a fun one, but I think it needs to be retired now in favor of the much more compelling comic strip character theory. more

New Zealand Govt. Really Dislikes the Name Justice

At the top of New Zealand’s list of most frequently rejected baby names every year is Justice. But what if you’re a New Zealand resident who already has the name? Get ready for “a heap of drama.” A women in Christchurch named Justice Tainui recently tried to register her baby […] more

Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Clione

Where does the curious name Clione come from? more

Glitch Alert: “Korea” Coded as “Kansas” in SSA Data?

I think I may have found another problem with the SSA data. It all started with Chong, which was on my shortlist for the Mystery Monday series. When I tried one last time to figure it out, I noticed some pretty interesting stuff. Chong debuted as a girl name in […] more

Popular Baby Names in Spain, 2014

Lucia and Hugo were the most popular baby names in Spain in 2014. more

What Will Happen to the Baby Name Atticus?

Be wary of baby names strongly associated with just one thing, *even* if that thing is a beloved fictional character whose reputation seems in fallible… more

Names in the News: Pingan, Jeremy, Francesca Marina

Three recent name stories featuring rescued babies: Pingan: In March of 2014, a woman in labor and her husband were traveling to the hospital in Fujian, China, when their motorbike was hit by a truck. The couple did not survive, but their baby boy did. He has since been named […] more

Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Treasure

What turned the word “treasure” into a girl name in mid-1930s? more

Baby Name Battle – Lisa, Angela, Pamela, Renee

Which “Around the Way Girl” name do you like best? more

Popular Baby Names in Wyoming, 2014

Olivia and Liam were the most popular baby names in Wyoming in 2014.

Baby Names Inspired By Racists

A set of unfortunate baby names (Blease, Vardaman, Bilbo, etc.) inspired by openly racist politicians in the Southern United States. more

Baby Names from Esperanto – Ambicio, Fascina, Jubila

Ever considered creating a baby name from a created language? Here are hundreds of possibilities from the man-made language Esperanto. more

Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Memory

Will this post jog someone’s memory about the name Memory? I certainly hope so. more

Name Quotes for the Weekend #31

“And how could anyone resist someone with that name?” -Anna Wintour more

Will Any Babies Be Named Quinoa?

There’s a “name your baby Quinoa” contest going on right now. Do you think anyone will actually participate? more

Leneve – Baby Name Inspired by a Fugitive

Ethel Le Neve, mistress of the infamous murderer Dr. Hawley Crippen, had a small influence on U.S. baby names back in 1910. more

Names in the News: Lahore, Pakistan, Leilyn

Three baby names out of post-earthquake Nepal that honor of rescuers. (And a random 4th name.) more

Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Theta

Theta was the top debut name of 1907…but where did it come from? more

How Do You Like Your Name, Zana?

An interview with an American woman named Zana. more

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