Peyton – Girl Name or Boy Name?

peyton girl name or boy name

I was just noticing that the (traditionally male) name Peyton is currently ranked 131st for baby girls and 138th for baby boys. I can’t think of any other baby names with this sort of dual-gender appeal at the moment (not even Payton-with-an-A).

Here’s how Peyton has fared on both lists over the last decade:

  • 2005 – 131st for girls, 138th for boys
  • 2004 – 134th for girls, 163rd for boys
  • 2003 – 192nd for girls, 207th for boys
  • 2002 – 188th for girls, 205th for boys
  • 2001 – 174th for girls, 177th for boys
  • 2000 – 168th for girls, 183rd for boys
  • 1999 – 235th for girls, 234th for boys
  • 1998 – 218th for girls, 221st for boys
  • 1997 – 229th for girls, 254th for boys
  • 1996 – 255th for girls, 335th for boys

So what’s the verdict: Girl name? Boy name? Both?

UPDATE: Here’s how Peyton has been used (raw numbers and rankings) since I first published this post…

  • 2012 – 4,447 girls (53rd) & 2065 boys (183rd)
  • 2011 – 4,663 girls (53rd) & 2286 boys (166th)
  • 2010 – 4,965 girls (51st) & 2639 boys (149th)
  • 2009 – 5,307 girls (42nd) & 2699 boys (148th)
  • 2008 – 4,728 girls (60th) & 3215 boys (130th)
  • 2007 – 2,774 girls (122nd) & 3370 boys (125th)
  • 2006 – 2,534 girls (138th) & 2684 boys (157th)

Click here for Peyton’s popularity graph.

86 thoughts on “Peyton – Girl Name or Boy Name?

  1. Peyton is a girl name….please “George Carlin baby names” If you name your little baby boy Peyton hope he grows up to be a big guy or is extremely fast as he is going to get beat up for a girly name like Peyton. Its like calling a guy Lindsey, Courtney, or something similar….

  2. I think Peyton is soo a girls name! I totally agree with Brad on this one. I love the name for a girl and plan to use it with a different spelling. This is a favorite girls name so please stop giving it to poor little boys! Whimpy Whimpy name for a boy!

  3. Wow people saying Peyton is a girl name all the way…I totally disagree. I have this name picked out for my baby if it’s a boy. To me Peyton sounds so masculine…a very strong name. Until today I never would have thought Peyton to be a famine name. I can’t believe how many boy names are becoming girl names these days. Peyton is actually a Surname, but it mostly went for boy names until people thought they should name little girls boy names. I really don’t see how people could think this is a girl name all the way. I have looked at a lot of baby naming websites and many of them list Peyton as a boy name, not even a unisex name. That’s my opinion, I suppose I could see a girl with this name now. Although I still think it’s better suited to a boy.

  4. I totally think Peyton is a boys name, I agree with the top comment. It never was listed under any baby directories as a girls name… when did that start? I agree that it sounds masculine and is a great name for a boy! I am coming acoss the problem of some people (mostly 20 years older than me) telling me its a girls name, yet I have a lot of people (closer to my age) telling me its definately a boys name. I was wanting to use this for my baby boy, but am getting extremely annoyed with people telling me its a girls name! BOYS NAME ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!

  5. Peyton is the masculine form.
    Payton is the feminine form.

    people get this confused a lot since they are somewhat interchangeable.
    its just like how Kendell is a boys name and Kendall is a girls.
    “E” is generally more masculine than “A.”

    and no, i didn’t get beat up in school Brad. i’m not even a muscular guy and boys still never bothered me.

  6. Peyton is totally a BOYS name! I have always thought of it as a boys name and really didn’t hear parents using it for girls until after I named my little boy, Peyton Foster.
    I am really annoyed with parents using true boys names for their girls… is as if they wished their little girl was a boy.
    My son will be very tall due to his parents height so I am sure he will carry himself very well and will not be criticized for having such a unique awesome boy’s name!

  7. Peyton is definitely more female. I named my daughter Peyton but would never think to have named my son it. It is moving up the popularity charts must faster on the female side than the male, probably because it sounds very pretty for a girl. Peyton Manning does make many people think of it as a boy’s name, but his popularity simply masks the fact that there are truly more girl Peytons than boys…and there have been for a long time!

  8. Michele so agree with you on the whole girls being called boys names!

    My son is Peyton Thomas Alexander (insert last name here)

    He was named after Peyton Manning. The name Peyton means ‘fighting man’s estate, royal, is a variant of Patrick, from the warrior’s village’ not very girly meanings.

    It is only rising in popularity for girls because stupid parents think it’s ‘cool’ to give their daughter’s what were originally and tradtionally BOY’S names.



    There are thousands of girls names out there – go pick one of those instead of using a boys names. You don’t see boys called Lily or Jessica

  9. @Megan – Peyton was originally a place name meaning “Paega’s settlement.” Paega has no known derivation.

  10. look it goes either way im named peyton and im a girl and i was born right whhen peyton manning was big and my family well we rare huge tennessee fans and my dad named me peyton. i love it for a boy or girl

  11. oh and megan my parents arent stupid. it totally goes either way my dad didnt think it was cute he just liked it. my parents have 6 kids and werent expected and if you think about most girls named peyton were born right when peyton manning was getting big

  12. Yeah Megan, you need to come down off your high horse. i just had a baby girl and her name is Payten. I heard of more girls than boys with this name. Actually it was Rebecca De Mornay’s characters name (spelled Peyton) in The Hand That Rocks The Cradle that came out in 1992. That’s where i got the name from.

  13. I totally think Peyton is a guys name…I am married to a Peyton. It is masculine, like Peyton Manning. Payton is a girls name. End of story. =)

  14. So I am a Peyton and a man! Yeah keep the Peyton name alive for the MEN out there. Grill a steak and eat meat all day! ARRRRGGGHHHH

  15. It’s interesting that two people (Peyton and Laura) have claimed that Payton is the feminine form and Peyton is the masculine form. Payton and Peyton are surnames–no gender attached to either. Also, usage-wise, the numbers don’t back up the claim–both forms are being used more often for girls right now. I wonder how they would respond to that.

  16. This is my response to Nancy…

    I understand that there is no gender association with either version, but due to a long lasting history of the name in my family that was actually brought over from England 80 years after the Mayflower arrived, Peyton and Payton has been very gender specific in the Blue Mountains in the Tennessee and North Carolina region where my family has been from. I have many examples throughout my family lineage where men and women have been named this for the past 150 years based on the gender specific Pe or Pa. I understand the ever changing nature of the name and from a REAL PEYTON, its cool to see more out there.

    I like the debate. Keep Peyton For Da Boys! ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH

  17. Two thumbs up for your pirate-like enthusiasm! And thanks for the explanation. I was unaware of that bit of regional history. Makes me really curious to know how many other people would agree that Payton and Peyton are gender-specific. (And if those people are concentrated in the Blue Ridge region.)

  18. Boy name all the way. The fact that it’s used more for girls means jack to me, same with girls named Sidney or Shannon. They’re all “wearing” boy names.

  19. I just wanted to talk about the Peyton-boy/Payton-girl subject. While working today I met four year old twin girls named Jadeyn and Kaidynn, no spelling errors. I thought about this post because to me Jaden and Caden both sound very feminine and if Payton is for girls, can Jaedynn and Kaidynn (spelled that way) be for girls too? And if so, what other names are unisex but have a different, legitimate spelling for each sex? I could only think of Jaden/Jaedynn, Caden/Kaidynn, Peyton/Payton, Alexus/Alexis, and maybe Noah/Noa?

  20. @Allison – That’s an interesting idea, though I think it’s really hard to nail down which spellings are legitimate when it comes to modern unisex names like Jayden and Kaden. Many of these are recently invented names with no real “correct” spelling and no historical gender associations.

    That said, I did a study of ayden-names (given to girls & boys) a while ago, and I noticed (among other things) that versions of these names ending with -don are much more likely to be given to boys, and that versions ending with -dyn more often go to girls. So there are indeed a few gender-based spelling preferences when it comes to modern unisex names.

  21. I feel like that’s because Y’s, A’s and K’s are associated with girls more and E’s, C’s and O’s are associated with boys? I hated that Jadeyn, Kaidynn sibset. Absolutely ridiculous. They went by Jade and Kay… In my line of work I’ve seen much worse though. Like Kyngstyn, Sylys, Nyel and Zynnya, the mother is expecting a fifth. I can’t wait to see what she names her… I think that because I have been exposed to so many names that I kind of have an idea if the child is a boy or a girl, your definitely right about the -dyn and -don/-den being girls and then boys.

  22. Anything that ends in “ton” sounds masculine to me examples….. Anton, Clinton, Cliffton, Clayton, Boston, Elton, Winston, Dalton, Harrington, Berton, etc.

    I think there is truth to the NFL names the late great Walter Payton, Peyton Manning, being that if you did not have a little boy you can’t call a girl “Walter” even though Payton was his surname .

  23. Considering Jayden, Jaeden, Kaeden, Kayden, Kadyn are higher for boys, that puts the -y, -k and -ae theory into wobbly territory. Also, I dont see how Peyton – boy and Payton – girl is legitimate. There is no indication that it’s true since Peyton seems to be more popular for both sexes.
    There is no legitimate feminine spelling for Jaden and Caden for girls. Adding K’s and Y’s is just turning a male name into a mispelled name, not a girls name. That’s how I see it.

  24. i am a girl and the only boy peyton is peyton manning so i think it could be a boy girl name dependent on how you spell it

  25. I myself am named Peyton and I am very much so masculine 6’4 and 14, I love George Carlin, Brad I’ve never had to start running ;)

  26. Wow.I am naming my little boy due in December Peyton.I don’t like it with an A. I picked the name out a few years ago thinking it wasn’t really around much anymore,but It’s really getting popular. :(
    My bf’s mom doesn’t like the name-she says it’s for a girl.She said she might call him by his middle name which will be James.Other’s say they really like it.Hopefully my little Peyton won’t be one of many in his class.

  27. Well my name is Peyton and I’m a guy. Im 15 I am 6’0 and I’ve never have anyone say to me “Peyton is a girls name!” and I’ve actually never even met another person named Peyton.

  28. now it doesn’t matter what the people say its a girls and guys name I HAD TO GROW UP LISTENING TO PEOPLE MAKE FUN OF MY NAME. Yes i am a girl and i hate my name but its still always will be a girls and boys name you can’t change that, girls that say its a guys name change your name to Peyton and you will realize its a girls name cause your a girl! Guys who think its girls name change your name to Peyton and you will think its a boys name!

  29. Peyton is a unisex name no matter how you spell it. Standing in a park calling your child “peyton” from across the playground. nobody is going to be able to tell how you spelt it. So for those of you who believe spelling changes everything you need to put that theory into perspective…and for the people arguing specific gender, you are wrong! just look at this page for proof, there are both men and women with the name peyton (of multiple spelling variations) commenting on here. i am currently 7 months preg and plan on naming my daughter Peyton but who am I or anyone else to tell someone else they cant name their son Peyton. A name becomes unisex when the name becomes closely ranked for both genders. which Peyton has been ranked, therefore it is a unisex name. period. point. blank

  30. Peyton is a beautiful and strong name. It works for either gender. I named my daughter Peyton because I wanted her to have a name that was special. It strikes that perfect balance. It’s perfect for a boy and perfect for a girl. Not weak for a boy at all! Not too masculine for a girl. I love it when I hear of boys named Peyton. My daughter is 10 and she had only one Peyton at her school who was a boy. Peyton is just that perfect name that some only want for boys because they named their boy Peyton or only want for girls because their daughter is named Peyton. Trends change and many names that were orginally male crossed over to female. And let’s also keep open minds and remember the difference between fact and opinon. Not to mention that some names that are traditionally one specific gender in the US, may not be in other areas of the world. Please keep naming your boys and girls Peyton! It’s the perfect name!

  31. I think it works either way as well. I like it for a boys name, but can see how it works for a girl too. Frankly, I think you should name your kid whatever the heck you want; whatever YOU like. People are so opinionated… like, oh it’s definitely “this or that.” It’s obviously NOT one thing or another if it’s popular in both male & female name lists.

  32. Has anyone not heard of Peyton Manning????? Possibly the greatest football player ever. Peyton is a boys name. Period.

  33. I totally DISAGREE with Megan. I’m a girl and my name is Jordan. I have met so many more girls with the name Jordan than guys. And Peyton is totally a girls name. That’s actually my baby girls name. Peyton Nicole… It is WAY too girly for a guy to have the name Peyton

  34. My name is Peyton im a guy im actually pretty short but never had to run my friend is a girl and named Payton Elizabeth_____. My name is Peyton George

  35. You people knocking Peyton as a girls name need to get a life. The world is at war……the economy sucks….there’s other things to think about. I have a Peyton Elizabeth on the way and she will be beautiful regardless.

    And for Tom above, Peyton Manning isn’t even one of the top 10 greatest football players ever.

  36. My name is peyton and i am a boy. There are 2 boys named peyton (including me) and one girl in my school. I think it can be either. Any one agree?

  37. We just called our daughter Peyton and have always thought of it as a girls name. To call a boy that is just cruel, hard times at school to follow unless they are one big boy. Love the name, wouldn’t think of calling our baby it, if she were a he.

  38. My daughter’s name is Peyton, I think it’s actually a unisex name like Sam, Jordan etc… but I definitely wouldn’t call my boy it, it’s definitely a girly name to me!

  39. So I just read everyone’s post and I was laughing my butt off! Thank you for that. Naming a child is so stressful! You just want the best for them. After we announced the name of our baby boy, Peyton David, I was so nervous about it!! What if he gets teased, or bullied because of his name. But you all made me feel so much better about it. I think it works both ways, but I love my little Pey Pey and while he is not yet masculine, since he is just 9 months, it fits him perfect!

  40. I already have a daughter named peyton ryan & have another one on the way& want another girl unisex name that goes well.. any suggestions?

  41. I think Peyton is a beautiful name for either a boy or girl. I especially like the spelling with the a/e. My daughter is expecting a baby in october and will use the name Peyton James if it is a boy.

  42. Why is it a big deal to people when they see the name Peyton/Payton used for a girls name? The name fits both genders. And lets be honest its 2012 not 1980. These days girls have more boy names than actual boys. If the parent loves that name for their child then that’s great. Why would ANYONE care what other people name their kids? Peyton is such a cute name for either a boy or girl. END OF STORY ;)

  43. I am a female with a male name, and although I think it suits me fine, I think peoe should name kids the right gender name. I know a Payton and a Peyton; both guys, and neither is exceedingly masculine, but they seem fine with their names. I like Payton-with-an-A better for guys if you insist on naming a girl one of the spellings, but I see it as a male name. And I hardly even know who Manning is, so my comment is in no way affiliated with that.

  44. I also live in Tennessee, but my answer is hopefully not southernsounding, as I detest my current state of residence.

  45. Peyton is definitely a Girl’s name, my daughter is named Peyton, And everyone comments on how unusual and pretty the name is. We named our daughter Peyton from the little Girl in the movie ‘The Game Plan’ I think it is a lovely Girly name.

  46. I personally think of Peyton as a boys name. I recently named my
    2 month old Peyton because both my husband and I like it. The meaning behind the name is very masculine meaning warrior. That being said I have heard it as a girls name as well and don’t mind it although I wouldn’t have named my baby Peyton if he would have been a girl..

  47. @Kayla – The meaning isn’t warrior. It’s simply “Paega’s town.” Paega is a masculine name; the meaning is unknown. (Source: BtN.)

  48. Peyton a boys name payton is the way girls spell it Did everyone forget peyton manning I like to see some say that he a girl

  49. Peyton is definitely a boys name no argument. For example Peyton Manning one ode the greatest football players ever, and Peyton Ellis one of the top crushers in the NFL. So everybody calling their girls Peyton, just expect your child to change their sex.

  50. My daughter is 17 and her name is Payton.
    She loves her name and I can’t tell you how many times she received compliments on her name. Two people have named their daughter’s Payton cause they liked her name.
    Recently it was in the top 50 most popular girl names. I don’t mind that it can be for a boy or girl.
    They say it can be an advantage to have a unsex name on resumes.
    I agree with Britney, it’s a cute name for both. So, guys that are named Payton, don’t be so insecure!

  51. I’m 44. Have been called Peyton my whole life. I’ve only come across a few other Peyton/Payton’s, but mostly females spelled either way.

  52. Peyton is TOTALLY a GIRLS name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a girl named Peyton and Peyton List is a very girly, pretty actress and I’m a very girly girl too so it is never gonna be a masculan man name!!! I agree with Brad! (and the others that said it was totally a girls name and not a guys!!)

  53. Peyton is a traditional old Irish boys name. Knew a guy who would be 98 now who was named Peyton. He was named after his grandfather. Did some research on the name because I liked it. Very old boys name. Became popular for girls in the 1990’s.

  54. My name is Peyton, spelled with an E and I’m a girl. I love my name because it’s different and I know both girls and boys with the name Peyton spelled different ways. It’s a unisex name that either gender can have. ?

  55. Looking at the stats, it truly seems like this name can be used for either gender. As long as we don’t start naming girls Harry and boys Linda, I think we are good. Have a nice day!

  56. To me Peyton sounds more like a last name than a first name, like all names that end in “on”. It’s just some trendy half made up name. Which is why I don’t think it really has an assigned gender.
    I do however think that Peyton has a more masculine tone to it. But the only Peyton that I can think of is Peyton Sawyer from the TV show One Tree Hill and she happens to be a girl, so I don’t know what to think about it.

  57. Now really think about it people you can name your child anything you wish the choice is yours. My fathers name was Payton how ever when his first grandson was born who is my son i named him Patrick. then 11 years later when i had my my next child wich is a girl I named her Payton, after my father that was my way of celebrating his life. he was no longer living when my daughter was born. And every grand child that my sistrs gave birth to all have the name Payton in there somewhere just not thier first name like my Daughter. I fought for that name. so just so u know the name is a very powerful name and for a girl to have it only means that they will never see her coming. Power House.

  58. I personally think Payton is more of a girl name. My parents named me Payton Nicole, and I think it’s cute. It is a little tough for a girl, but a little soft for a boy. I know 3 girls other than me named Payton, and 2 boys. I think that Payton is more for a girl, and Peyton for a boy, just my opinion. Also, it has been very popular for a girl recently. I am very very Girly, so the name doesn’t mean anything towards my personality. You can also spell it Paetyn, Payten, or Paityn, it doesn’t matter. I think Payton is more common. So, I vote Payton is a girl name.

  59. I think that a name spelled (peyton) is a boy name and that a name spelled(payton) is a girl namecif u dont bekieve look up pictures of people named payton orbpeyton and it will show u

  60. I named my Son Payton after Walter Payton the great Chicago Bears Running Back!
    Alot of people think Peyton Manning but I tell them nope Walter Payton!
    Alot of people think Payton/Peyton is a girls name but I don’t know any famous women named Payton/Peyton.

  61. We named our daughter after Walter Payton. Our daughter is now 20. Walter Payton was her Dad’s idol, and he would call our daughter sweetness! There is also a country singer named Payton.

  62. Peyton is mostly only a girls name. I have never met a boy named Peyton but I have met 6 girls named Peyton. LOL and I am only 11. And Peyton is a girls name. Wanna know why people? Because if a boys name is Peyton, it would be spelled like this Payton. But if it was a girls name, its Peyton. So it is a girls name.

  63. Most of you are wrong. I am a girl and my name is spelled Peyton you should have not posted this it just makes people fight. And Peyton means leader everyone so stop!

  64. I’ve known both personally I like Peyton (Payton) as a guys name it sounds more masculine to me. But I think it could work on a girl.

  65. I’m a girl and I’m named Peyton but it’s only because everyone thought I was going to be a boy. While I was growing up my room was a dark blue set up for a boy. And I get picked on for my name at school and personally I’ve met one girl named Peyton and like three guys named Peyton

  66. Boys name ALL the way! So masculine and not feminine at all!! Anything ending in “TON” is very manly and not feminine at all. Feel bad for any girls given a boys name and LOVE IT for a boy! Very masculine!!

  67. Boy’s name! Named my son Peyton and have met 5 boy Peytons and 1 girl and the girl says herself that she HATES the name and is always thought to be a boy before they meet her. Said she wished her parents never gave her a boy’s name and instead had a more girly name. Just could never imagine it on a girl especially when we chose it. I get compliments on it all the time and think it would be like naming your girl John or Mark. Look it up it’s a masculine name a form of Patrick and means warrior and fighting man’s estate and given more to boys. Stop trying to make boy names into girls/Tom-boy names. It isn’t cute and dont do that to your little girls give them something girly!!

  68. Hi everyone, personally I believe that no name should be assigned to a certain gender and it’s extremely toxic for your child if at a young age you are constantly labeling things as feminine or masculine. Things like names, toys, and clothes shouldn’t be reserved to any gender, it should just matter what the individual is interested in. Names are names simple as that and no one should be torn down because their name is too feminine or masculine. I love my name, in fact I adore it. I think it’s bold and beautiful and strong and I wouldn’t change it for the world. When it comes to other people’s names, mind your business and stop dragging people down if they don’t match your view of what a person named (for example) Peyton should be. Thanks.

  69. Personally I don’t think of Peyton as gender-specific.

    Of course when I see it all I can think of as Peyton Place, which is not exactly a positive.

    Much better in my mind is Payton which brings to mind the late, great Walter Payton.

  70. please do not name your little girls peyton! or any other spelling! she will be made fun of!!! I can assure you of this… but do name your boys this! it is only a boys name where I am from and I love it!! It will be on the top of my boys list for sure so fingers cross I have a boy in the future!

  71. I’m 14 and my name is Peyton (girl) and I love my name since it’s not super common here. The spelling is often difficult to get right. I know a little girl named Payton (nickname ‘Peaches’) and I think it suits her – she’s adorable and is pursuing a career in acting. She’s doing quite well so far.

    I like how it’s sort of androgynous and how nobody else in my school shares my name – however, one other girl on my rugby team is named Peyton. Same spelling and everything!

    It’s a nice name, and I wish it would continue to be an uncommon name – especially on girls because it’s less… concrete, i guess? Peytons can be either-or without expectations, unlike Melissas or Angelas. We aren’t expected to be a certain way.

    Tl;dr: Peyton is a lovely name for either gender. I know that my parents wanted the name because it was easy to pronounce (foreign family) and because it’s less easy to define. When you think or ‘Marissa’, I tend to think of a very feminine person. But with Peyton, you don’t really expect anything, though I believe my parents knew I was never going to be a very… feminine child. I’m glad they didn’t. I don’t think any other name would have fit me. Had I been named ‘Marissa’ or ‘Ashley’, I don’t think i would have felt very comfortable with my name. it doesn’t suit me.

  72. I’m sorry but this is a name only suited for a boy… B-O-Y! I would in no way shape or form ever want to be named this if I was a girl. But I do love this name on a boy! Seems to fit great when they are little and can fit well on a grown man. I would also not want to be associated with Peyton Manning who is the most famous holder of this name if I were a girl. He is so handsome and I bet all other boys named Peyton are handsome as well!

  73. People seriously name little girl’s Peyton? Seriously!?!? That is just sad and not cute this name is far too boyish to be given to a girl. It may not be everyone’s style or viewed as a last name but girly? No way!

  74. Name belongs on a BOY! Sounds strong and cannot imagine giving this to a little girl. Please explain how anyone can think this name is girly? Which part the “pey” – or the “TON”???? Both are masculine forms like I would die if my parents named me a name ending in TON like wtf and trying to back up the name by spelling it with “dyn” or “tyn” ending is just sad and will still sound masculine

  75. Agree! I’ve only seen the name on boys i would cringe seeing this on a girl. I like it for a boy sounds nice yet strong.

  76. Please do not put a nice strong handsome name like Peyton on a girl. I would absolutely cringe if I heard a girl named this. I have only ever seen it on a guy and could only imagine it on a boy. I bet the girl will grow up being teased and called manning since the association is most common to him. I didn’t even think it was a unisex name until some comments on here I was shocked it seems only suited for a boy to me and I would imagine to most others.

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