Happy Baby Names – Asher, Felicity, Isaac, Risa

happy baby names

Here are some names with meanings that have to do with happiness:

  • Alaia – Basque for “joyful, happy.”
  • Asher – Hebrew for “happy, blessed.”
  • Bahija – Arabic for “happy, glad.”
  • Fariha – Arabic for “happy.”
  • Felix – Latin for “lucky, successful.”
  • Felicity – from the Latin word felicitas, meaning “good luck.”
  • Fortunato and Fortunata – from the Latin word for “fortunate.”
  • Giocondo and Gioconda – from a Latin name meaning “pleasant, delightful, happy.”
  • Hani – Arabic for “happy.”
  • Isaac – based on a Hebrew name meaning “he will laugh.”
  • Makena – Kikuyu for “happy one.”
  • Macario/Macarius – ultimately based on the Greek word makar, “blessed, happy.”
  • Parviz/Parvaiz – Persian for “fortunate, happy.”
  • Radek (m) and Rada (f) – from the Slavic element rad, meaning “happy, willing.”
  • Risa – Latin for “laugh.”
  • Sikkersoq – Greenlandic for “bud” or “sprout,” but it also means “burst out laughing.”
  • Zelig/Selig – Yiddish for “blessed, happy.”

Which one do you like best?

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