Popular and unique baby names in Quebec (Canada), 2006

Flag of Quebec
Flag of Quebec

The most popular baby names in Quebec for 2006 were:

Girl Names

  1. Léa
  2. Jade
  3. Rosalie
  4. Florence
  5. Laurie
  6. Gabrielle
  7. Sarah
  8. Camille
  9. Oceane
  10. Laurence

Boy Names

  1. William
  2. Samuel
  3. Alexis
  4. Nathan
  5. Thomas
  6. Antoine
  7. Gabriel
  8. Justin
  9. Olivier
  10. Felix

And some of the more unusual names bestowed that year include:

Unique Girl NamesUnique Boy Names
Angelik Glory, Bambou, Cassyopee, Dang Sandrine, Eylllee, Fraidy, Garthy, Hytina, Ifza, Joody, Kashemyre, Lalla-Malak, Magenta, Neptune Elisabeth, Orthodoxia, Pornika, Qillitaq Maggie, Rym, Stormi Page, Toobah, Ujaali, Vetergul, Willyanna, Xaralambia Maria, Yoophie, ZebraAthithya, Bleart, Chinchilla-Lemus, Djimangar-Bayone, Eyob, Finhastedros, Gharthihan, Herdgee-Guerdley, Idyr, Joko, Kweency-Gabryel, Levi Summer-Sky, Mc Eder, Nylander, Oz, Poo Reum, Razmig, Schnyder, Tem-Tom, Ufuk, Vuvu Jeffrey, Wise, X-avier, Yaya, Zoik

Source: List of Baby Names – Retraite Québec

Image: Adapted from Flag of Quebec (public domain)

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