Celebrity Baby Name – Bandit Lee

My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way and his wife welcomed their first child, a baby girl, on May 27.

They named their daughter Bandit Lee.


Sources: Spin, People

7 thoughts on “Celebrity Baby Name – Bandit Lee

  1. First thought? Bandit is a dog’s name. Like, a hunting dog’s name. Go on Bandit, back in there! Dead bird! Back in! Good Bandit.

    Second thought? At least it’s a girl–I feel like you can get away with more with girls.

    Third thought? Bandit Way. That’s a suburban culdesac name. Like, “I live on the corner of Jesse James Drive and Bandit Way.”


  2. bandit lee way?

    this a throw back to smokey and the bandit?

    I will agree with bridgett in that a girl could probably get away with it better than a boy, a boy would be designated a redneck long before anyone ever met him.

  3. I guess I don’t really agree with yall. I assumed it was a boy when I started reading and thought it was a pretty goofy name, but at least had spunk and character. On hearing this is a name for a daughter? Gross!

  4. When I first heard the name Bandit I thought of a racoon. Which, is kinda cute, if you think about it. At least to me.

    I think it’s an okay name. There are much worse out there. Plus, if she dosen’t like her first name she could always go by Lee instead.

  5. At first when i saw that they named the girl Bandit Lee Way, i thought it was very artistic and beautful sounds like a girl name to me and i also agree with Bridgett a girl could get away with the name bandit then a boy.

    So, after all i think the name Bandit is cute for a girl and i absoulutly love it!!!

  6. I LOVE the name bandit!!! I would ttly name my kid that!!! I like the names Bambi, Sky, Troy, and Bandit those are myfavorite names ever!!!!!

  7. I love it. Bandit is an awesome name. I think its different, much like Gerard Way. Bandit Way is cool.

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