Russian Soccer Player Names Daughter Barcelona

Sergei Semak, captain of FC Rubin Kazan, named his fourth child Barcelona after his team defeated FC Barcelona late last month.

“This is a nice way to make sure I never forget that memorable win. Additionally, it’s a bit of a tribute to the beautiful football they play,” Semak was quoted as saying by Sowjetski Sport.

What an interesting consolation prize.

Semak’s three older children are named Maja, Semjon and Iwan.

Sources: Voetballer noemt dochter Barcelona, Rubin Kazan Star Sergey Semak Names Daughter ‘Barcelona’

2 thoughts on “Russian Soccer Player Names Daughter Barcelona

  1. This is interesting naming news. I don’t know what else to say about Barcelona. Its not necessarily a terrible sound, but its still rather ridiculous on a child.

  2. I’m just fascinated by the fact that he named his daughter after the losers of the game.

    I hope little Barcelona isn’t negatively affected by the story. I hope she doesn’t start to think of herself as a loser because her name was inspired by losers.

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