Attention TwiHard: Please Don’t Name Your Baby Renesmee

I’ve seen a second baby named Renesmee. This is starting to worry me.

The first was born in Scotland last year. The second was born in Plymouth, New Hampshire on New Year’s Day.

I think it’s time for an intervention.

If you’re an expectant TwiHard who believes Renesmee might just make a good baby name, please stop and think about these three questions first:

1. “Renesmee” is rather inelegant, isn’t it? Yes, it is. It’s the baby name equivalent of a car crash. Stephenie Meyer at the wheel, taking out innocent bystanders Renée and Esmé. If you like the sounds in the name, untangle it and simply use Renée Esmé or Esmé Renée.

2. What’s wrong with all the other female names in Twilight? Nothing at all. Isabella (Bella), Rosalie, Alice, Heidi, Leah, Katrina (Kate), Esmé, Renée…all great names that weren’t invented for–and therefore won’t always be associated with–Twilight. That’s a good thing.

3. Is the name of a fictitious vampire/human hybrid baby in a poorly written YA book really more important to you than, say, a family name? I hope not. Try using the Renesmee formula instead of the name itself. If the baby’s grandmothers’ names are Anne and Isabel, for instance, go with Annabella.

Naming under the influence can be dangerous. Please forward this to anyone you know who, due to a Twilight addiction, may be considering giving the name Renesmee to a real-life, non-vampire baby.

(In the meanwhile, let me know if you hear about or meet any other babies named Renesmee.)

IMPORTANT UPDATE TO THIS DISCUSSION: “I Would Never Name a Real Child Renesmee” -Stephenie Meyer

128 Responses to Attention TwiHard: Please Don’t Name Your Baby Renesmee

  1. Right on. Awhile back, you had a poll about whether or not we would ever tell a friend that the name they were choosing/considering for their child was BAD. I voted that, no, I would never do that. My own children have ‘unusual’ names for my area, and I really would’ve been offended if a friend had shown their dislike for them. You’ve shown me the exception to my own rule. I would have to have a serious sit-down with a friend or family member considering ‘Renesmee’ for her child. ‘Car crash’ is right!

  2. Well, someone needed to say it. I agree completley!

  3. Jenica is an actual name. It’s Romanian, and I have a friend named that.

  4. what really sucks if that I had named my 6 year daughter Ranessa may… which is close to the name renesmee. ( however I didnt even know about the name renesmee until later). So now i’ll have to constantly explain that renesmee is not her name..
    I mean dont get me wrong, I like the name but not for my daughter…


  6. i am sorry but i am in love with the namr renesemee ever since i read it and i am going to name my daughter renesmee when i have one.

  7. If you think about it, all names had to be made up at some point. So what’s wrong with combining Renee and Esme? Nothing. It’s just a new name. And while I wouldn’t use it as a first name, it works beautifully as a middle name, which is what I will be using for.

  8. @Laura – The big issue here is that the name is from Twilight. Unmistakeably so, unlike most of the other names in the series. And affiliating your child with the books–and the craze–is what I’m trying to warn people about.

  9. i think renesmee is a beautiful name! oh yeah how do u combine brianna and esme?

  10. I understand what you’re saying, but I still plan on naming my child Renesmee. It’s beautiful and I see no reason why I shouldn’t.

  11. I really hope all these people who are saying they’re going to name their child “Renesmee” are just teenagers who will rethink it once this Twilight phase is over. Renesmee is a horrible name, and I can’t believe people would name their child after a fictional vampire/human hybrid.
    I’m 5 1/2 weeks pregnant with my first, and if it is a girl, her name most certainly will NOT be “Renesmee!”

  12. I am 6 mnths pregnant its a girl and I am naming her Renesmee. I love the name and no i am not some teenager I am 23 yrs old. I personally dont care that some of you dont like it but you shouldnt try to discourage those that want to name their children ANYTHING did you ever think your post might be offensive to some ppl? Because this is OUR CHILDREN your talking about

  13. @Jess – I don’t mind offending parents. What I do mind parents giving their children bad names. If I have to offend someone to get them to think twice, so be it.

  14. I think Renesmee is an awful name for a child, it’s ok for like a pet cat or a goldfish, but not your kid!

  15. What these people don’t realize is that in 5 or 10 years times, this fad will be over, and they will either be kicking themselves for naming their kid after a stupid fad, and/or everyone else be going “wtf kind of stupid name is that?!” Furthermore, the poor kid is going to be the one to suffer the most. Imagine having to explain to everyone just WHY your name is so retarded? If it was me, I’d say my mom was high when she named me. Not only that, they will be a prime target for bullies.

  16. Oh yeah, meanwhile, where are the fathers in all this? My BF would never let that name fly. Batman maybe, but never Renesesmasmama or whatever.

  17. Renesmee… What was Stephanie Meyer thinking? Fangora would have made a better name for a half-breed fictional vampire baby. But, alas, what can you expect from the dimwitted author of a trite and poorly written series?
    Anyway, I am glad I happened to find this post which I have already forwarded to a friend who had seriously been thinking of naming her child Renesmee. Her boyfriend, the bay’s father, would not hear of it. The Twlight fad will wane and eventually pass into pop culture oblivion… and with it will go the silly name of Renesmee. I feel sorry for the children being born today and being branded with that name as they will have to carry through life with a fad name that will be forever linked to a poorly written, bullshit, corny, love story.

  18. …. And I just had to say one more thing: The people here who have been offended like Jess and Isabella, lol, how much would you all like to bet that they are nothing more than teeny boppers possing as expectant mothers?
    It’s sad, but I have seen it on many sites all these little girls coming to the defense of their beloved leader, I mean Stephanie Meyer, and defending a stupid name. They go on to pretend they are having babies, baby girls conveniently, and they will be naming them renesmee… It’s so sad and pathetic. One girl on YA even defended the name as far as saying that her great-great-aunt from Scotland was named Renesmee and she was naming her baby after her aunt whom she loved soooo much. Some people are so vapid.


  20. I don’t even like the books or movies but truthfully, Renesmee? It could be much worse. I mean there are so many worse names out there that Renesmee seems ugly and tacky like Chastity and Navaeh but not to horrible that the girl will have to get her name changed. She can go by Renee or Esme and many other nn if she hates the name.

  21. To anyone who is thinking of naming their baby Renesme cause the name seems so beautiful to them…well, opinions may vary, but does it really sound like such a good idea to you if you consider that there might be tons of Renesmes walking around in ten years time? And there will be no uniqueness to them, all just “Oh, right, I see your parents were Twilight fans too.” Don’t you want something a bit more personal for your child?

  22. I personally think that renesmee is a beautiful name, I also think that just because someone wants to name there kid renesmee then no one has the right go ahead and call the name bad because it is a gorgeous name, I also think that they might have heard the name from someone else like a friend and just simply fell in love with it like many parents do with baby names. Anyway nanny personally I think that you are being extremely rude to the parents who have or who are going to call there child that. Laurenna

  23. Look, your child is your child… your child ISN’T YOU. Naming your child off of an obvious fictional character- beautiful name or not- is dangerous. They could grow up and hate the book twilight. I’m not saying it’s a bad book, but they could have a different opinion than you. They might get picked on in school because some people don’t like the book.

    You might think the name is beautiful, but your child might grow up and not appreciate it. There are many fictional characters I love, but I would never name my kids after them.

  24. I personally think that Renesmee is a beautiful name. I’m not saying that anyone who doesn’t like the name is wrong, but aren’t people entitled to their own opinions? If you like the name, okay. If you hate the name, okay. IT DOESN’T MATTER!

  25. Are you serious? A nice name? It doesn’t even scan well. Ren Es May. It makes me cringe. And lol @ the person who claimed to have a great aunt from Scotland named Renesmee. I’m Scottish, I’ve lived here my whole life, and that most certainly isn’t a Scottish name. Apart from that one chav who named her child that, but to be fair I’ve seen Scottish children named things such as ‘Pebbles’. Yep, heroin is a biiiiiig problem here.

  26. I personally think that Renesmee is a pretty name with a nice meaning. BUT the point is if you name your child this it’s obvious that you got this from a book, a book that many people hate! Do you really want to put your child through that! I’m fourteen and even I would never name my child after a series that I personally find very cliche and gives young girls such as myself a very unreal out look on how a real relationship is, although I’ve never been in one. Anyway i just don’t like the book and don’t agrre with naming your child something a name you read in a book, but if you do I can’t stop you. It’s your choose and you’r child. i have no right to tell you what to name you’r child. Just giving my opinon on th matter.

  27. To the author of that article, I understand what you’re saying, but you guys have to stop attacking the name. I’m not going to lie… I am a teen and I love Twilight. But you have no right to tell people that Renesmee is such a horrible name, and that it’s a car crash, and it’s just a stupid fad. Parents can name their kids whatever the hell they want. My cousin had a baby named Rosalie Renesmee, and I personally believe that it’s beautiful. You don’t have to agree, but stop attacking the name. Some people have kids that are named that and this is offensive.
    PS: No, I did not just put my name as Bella because it’s from Twilight. It’s my real name.

  28. I do not see a problem with using Resemee, although I probably would never use it.

  29. Renesmee is a beautiful name, you people should mind your own business and take care of your own child, you people have nothing else to do have you ever thought that maybe your own child’s name is ugly or maybe even your name is ugly!

  30. I myself am am a teenager, fan of twilight yadayada, but don’t you think naming your kid after a vampire-human hybrid that almost killed its own mother is a bit much? and let’s face it, there’s always going to be people who will look down on your child for being named after a vampire craze and at some point, that’s going to hurt your child. did you know that there are kids who’ve been psychologically damaged because they hate their names. And parents have been sued because they named their kids stupid things.
    Besides this, does the name renesmee have much meaning to you? Aren’t there names out there that would mean more to you, your family and ultimately, your child? Would you rather be named after a character in a book, or somebody who you value and love? who’s looked after you? names have a history and if you want to give your child the history of a book about a girl falling in love with a vampire and having a kid, then that’s up to you. I’m not saying don’t name your child renesmee, I’m saying think about it, because it won’t be you living with that name for the rest of your life, it will be your child.

  31. It’s not a BAD name. I mean, it works a midle name: Carlie Renesmee Cullen
    I think that should have been the charcaters name from the beginning…

  32. How about Claudette and that would honor Claudia the eternally five year old vampire child from “Interview with the Vampire.” Or how about Celeste or Estelle which are two names Anne Rice used in the book as well.

  33. Renesmee is a lovly name for the fictional character is acts to play. The name Renesmee is very calm and relaxing. Don’t think it’s a bad decision to name your child Renesmee because it is not. Most people think its stupid to name ur child after a fictional character, but if you think Renesmee will be a good fit for ur daughter, the go for it! Don’t let other people put you down because they dont like the name. It’s your choice and only yours!

  34. Just remember, at least we have the right to name our children no matter what we want. In Iceland, they have a list of Icelandic names that they have to choose from. This way they can keep their heritage. In America, we can name our kids whatever without penalty. Renesmee, hard to say, may have meaning to people and to others it represent something else; i.e. a lame corny love story vs. romantic symbol of ones’ eternal love. Or whatever, it’s no different if some names their child Chandler after the FRIENDS character vs. if it was their uncles name.

  35. @Kate – Not exactly. The U.S. has naming restrictions as well, though the restrictions vary from state to state. It’s a much more liberal system than you’ll find in other places, but it’s still not anything-goes.

  36. How come everyone who defends the name Renesmee can’t spell and has major problems with grammar? I think it might indicate a certain intelligence level is linked to the liking of the name Renesmee. A name which is by far, the most uncreative, ridiculous mistake of a name that would NEVER EVER be accepted in any creative writing class or seminar. EVER. I thought it was a joke when I read it. The fact the Meyer was serious about the name just proves her lack of creative writing knowledge. Interesting plot, TERRIBLE name. It actually made me hate the book more than all the grammatical errors and typos. C’mon editor, fix that stuff!

  37. @Nancy- Thank you for the clarifcation. You are right that we can’t name our child (in my own words) whatever. There are limitations and I do hope that each parent has serious considerations when naming their child.
    What I was trying to say is if someone wants to name thier child Renesmee then they have the right to. Personally, I would not because it’s just simply too hard to pronounce, but if it holds meanings to others then we don’t need to bash them.

  38. Renesmee is quite possibly the worst name ever in human existence. Thank you for bringing attention to that fact. Even Katniss from The Hunger Games is a better name. At least it is an actual plant name and not just some made up drivel from a wannabe writer who couldn’t write a decent book if her life depended on it.

  39. I like it. It’s like a litmus test. If I ever run into a Renesmee I’ll know straight off the bat that her mother is a loony.

    Yes, if you name your child that I, and many others like me, will judge you. I don’t care how beautiful you think it is, I will always think you are a moron. If you don’t want to be judged pick a better name. If you REALLY REALLY OMG love that name, then use it, it is your kid after all, but be prepared to be laughed at behind your back for the rest of your life.

  40. Have these people never seen The Namesake? Seriously.

  41. I have a beautiful granddaughter who is 2 and her name is Renesmee RayeLynn AnnaLee and i call her renneraye for short I don’t have a problem with the name and I haven’t watched any of the twilight sagas

  42. I absolutely LOVE the name Renesme (I like it better with one E at the end though!) I am only 18 but I am dead set on naming my first daughter Renesme. It is honestly the most gorgeous name I have ever heard, and I think that a lot of people hating on the name are doing so only because it was created for Twilight. Now don’t get me wrong I am a huge Twilight fan, but that is not at all why I want to name my daughter that, it is just such a beautiful name. I also want to name my son Emmett, but not at all because of Twilight, I just so happen to like that name.

  43. What’s wrong with renesmee? It’s just a combination with two traditional names, both of which apper in all baby naming books….
    As far as it being “dangerous” to name a child after a character in a book/film, would it not be true to admit that most people do infact choose to name a child after something that inspires them, this may be a real life person, relative,celebrity, book, film, soap….. Whatever…

    My point is, I doubt it very much most people Give their child a name pure and simply because they like it. There usually is some sort of inspiration behind it somewhere. Choosing a name from a novel ain’t a bad thing.. I’ve heard of far worse. So what if it dates a little? Most names end up going that way. I named my daughter Scarlett after Scarlett Ohara from gone with wind, only I added rose to it. She gets nothing but compliments!

  44. A response to “She gets nothing but compliments!”: The Truth About Your Baby’s Name

  45. I really love the name Renesmee i think it is unusual and is it not peoples right to name their baby what they want. I will call my daughter Renesmee and not because of twilight but because it is so different. Id much rather hear more names like this, rather than Daisy-may and other boring names of this nature. I really dont think you should have a website telling people not to choose this name. I will love this name years after the twilight films are forgotten.


  46. Recent comic from xkcd: Baby Names. If you hover over the panel, the tooltip says: “I’ve been trying for a couple years now but I haven’t been able to come up with a name dumber than ‘Renesmee’.”

  47. This is the best post and thread of responses EVER!

    I love the name Esme but am hesitant to use it because I don’t want my child to forever be pegged as being named after a Twilight character. (I am 26 and loved the books when they first came out.)

    I noticed some buzz about Esme a year after finishing the series and think it’s lovely. At least with Esme there is the arguement that it is a name that has been around forever.

    But Renesmee…? Seriously…?

  48. I do like the name Renesmee. I can understand some concerns people may have but putting it down as the worst name ever is a little harsh. It literally is just Renee and Esme put together which I think works beautifully.. And after all the parents are the deciders.
    P.S. You could always spell it differently like Renesme or Renezmee or Renesmai x

  49. Hahahaha I am laughing!! My 25 year old sisters name is Renesmé I’m going to post this site on her facebook wall just to wind her up.
    I remember when we were kids (I’m 22) we used to always get complimented on our unusual names as Amelia wasn’t that popular then either but mostly they loved “Renesme”. My mother made the name up at the time, it was a mix of “Ren” and “esme” as my mum wanted Ren but my dad thought it was too I dno hipster hahaha. My dad liked Esme. Hence the little amalgamation.
    Anyway I find it beyond hilarious that its now this big name NO-NO.
    Word to the wise future parents of little Renesmee’s my sister now hates her name because of this whole twilight thing. she just gets called Rens now anyway. AND I guess its not as bad for her as she’s 25 and when she was named and the book hadn’t been published obviously.. But my point is she finds it annoying.
    But hey its better than some of these celeb craze names! Aka bluebell madonna (Geri Hallowell) Apple and Moses!!! I mean if it came down to it I’d rather be called Rens/Renesme than Moses 100 times over. Let’s give my sister a break and bitch about celebs being ridiculous in the let’s compete for the most “unique” name game! Nahh actually I find it quite funny so.. TREAT YOURSELF ETC.

  50. Also just to add maybe my sister should go to the tabloids or at least “pick me up” mag and she could have a front page TWILIGHT RUINED MY LIFE. I reckon they might print it. Nah its probably not tragic enough maybe if she was knocked up as well….

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