Most Popular U.S. Baby Names of 2009

It’s that time of year again, boys and girls! Here are the new top ten U.S. baby names for each gender:

  1. Jacob (was 1st)
  2. Ethan (was 3rd)
  3. Michael (was 2nd)
  4. Alexander (was 6th)
  5. William (was 8th)
  6. Joshua (was 4th)
  7. Daniel (was 5th)
  8. Jayden (was 11th)
  9. Noah (was 15th)
  10. Anthony (was 7th)
  1. Isabella (was 2nd)
  2. Emma (was 1st)
  3. Olivia (was 4th)
  4. Sophia (was 7th)
  5. Ava (was 5th)
  6. Emily (was 3rd)
  7. Madison (was 6th)
  8. Abigail (was 8th)
  9. Chloe (was 10th)
  10. Mia (was 14th)

Highlights: Isabella trumps Emma. Jayden, Noah and Mia make the top 10. Michael slips out of the top 2 for the first time since the 1950s.

Are you surprised Isabella is the new #1? Were you expecting it?

(For top names in other areas, see The Most Popular Baby Names of 2009.)

Source: SSA

One thought on “Most Popular U.S. Baby Names of 2009

  1. I know that you haven’t had much time yet, but did any “up and coming” names jump out at you? Anything jump from #122 to #22 or the like?

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