Biggest changes in baby name popularity, 2009

Just like there were some ups and downs in the stock market yesterday, there were some ups and downs in baby name popularity between 2008 and 2009.

The SSA has published a handy pair of tables showing changes in baby name popularity. Only names that cracked the top 500 during either 2008 or 2009 were included, but still it’s a lot of useful information. Here are the biggest winners and losers in the group:

Boys Girls
Gains Cullen, +297
Jax, +266
King, +248
Emmett, +215
Colt, +164
Maliyah, +342
Isla, +273
Caylee, +251
Kinley, +214
Arabella, +209
Losses Alvin, -133
Marc, -106
Jonas, -105
Isiah, -91
Brett, -80
Marely, -517
Mylee, -420
Jaslene, -294
Allisson, -197
Haylie, -145

The numbers show the difference in ranking from 2008 to 2009. Cullen ranked 297 spots higher, for instance, so it became much more popular (no doubt thanks to Twilight). Alvin ranked 133 spots lower, on the other hand, so it became a lot less popular.

2 thoughts on “Biggest changes in baby name popularity, 2009

  1. Oh, look, you did this already. I’m surprised by the drop in Haylie, although that’s just one spelling of the name. Maliyah I presume is in tribute to Malia Obama.

    Jax, King – REALLY???

  2. I was surprised by King especially.

    I write about baby names at another site, and the two most popular articles over there are always the same: one-syllable boy names and one-syllable girl names. So apparently a lot of people are really interested in short names.

    Other one-syllable boy names that became more popular from 2008 to 2009 include Jett (+143), Jude (+41), Dean (+39), Jayce (+26), Ty (+25) and Pierce (+25).

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