Celebrity Baby Name – Locklyn Kyla

Actor Vince Vaughn and wife Kyla welcomed their first child on December 18. They named their baby girl Locklyn Kyla.

I have mixed feelings about this name.

First, the good. I’m happy that Kyla’s first name was used as the baby’s middle name. I love it when mothers pass down their first names. Fathers do it regularly, but mothers not so much, and that’s a shame.

Second, the not-so-good. Locklyn looks like it’s based on the male name Lachlan (sometimes spelled Lochlan and other ways). I’m not a big fan of parents giving boy names to their baby girls. It’s name-jacking, really, and it frustrates a lot of parents. (Especially those expecting baby boys!)

So, the name Locklyn Kyla gets one thumb up and one thumb down from me.

What’s your take?

Source: Vince Vaughn Welcomes a Daughter

6 thoughts on “Celebrity Baby Name – Locklyn Kyla

  1. I don’t mind boys’ names on girls.

    There, I said it.

    What I do find challenging is the double-up: it’s a boy’s name used for a girl, AND it is a creative spelling. Lochlan Kyla would be one thing. Or, say, Alivia Kyla or Jayne Kyla.

    But Locklyn feels excessive, especially because mom’s middle name isn’t an enduring classic. Locklyn Elizabeth or Locklyn Caroline or Locklyn Eve would balance out the super trendy first name – but then, of course, it wouldn’t honor mom.

    Still, I think it is very on trend, and I suspect we’ll meet a few little Locklyns out there …

  2. My objection is more that Locklyn Vaughn doesn’t exactly flow off the tongue.

    I wonder if there’s a Grandpa Lochlan somewhere in the family tree?

  3. I really really like it and I know I will be the minority in this. I saw Vince Vaughn on Ellen yesterday and when he said his daughters name I immediately sent my fiancée a text at work and asked him what he thought of it. We are fans of those kind of names though. Our daughter is Kamryn. I don’t think we are name-jacking or at least we aren’t trying to. Its just the style name we like. A lot of people love the names Isabella, Ella, Grace and Ava but they have zero appeal to me. It is what it is! We all have different taste in names for a reason I suppose! :-)

  4. I hope it doesn’t turn into a girl’s name! We named our son this because of our Celtic heritage. Hopefully they are just doing the weird celebrity thing and no one pays much attention.

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