Baby Named After City of Brighton, England

For their honeymoon, Dean and Kelly Hernandez of Columbus, Ohio, visited the city of Brighton, England (which is on the southern coast).

Four years later, they welcomed a baby girl. They named her Isabel Brighton in honor of the city.

Here’s what Dean had to say about Brighton:

In all of our travels around the world, there has been no place whose people made such a singularly good impression upon us.

Have you ever been to a place whose residents made “a singularly good impression” upon you? Would the name of that place make a good baby name?

Source: US baby named Brighton after city

5 thoughts on “Baby Named After City of Brighton, England

  1. Luxemborg was a delightful surprise. Maybe Lux as a middle name in tribute if I had felt that strongly about it.

  2. One place that comes to mind for me is Paris — but that’s mostly because I was expecting the locals to dislike tourists (especially American tourists) and that ended up not being the case at all.

    But, even if I were inclined to honor the people of Paris with a baby name, I wouldn’t do it with the name Paris. Especially now that we’re living in the era of Paris Hilton.

  3. It was for these kinds of nostalgic reasons that I was named Chelsea – a fondness for London and that area having good memories particularly for my American mom.

    I do like place names although I can see why natives might find them unusual. Brooklyn is one example maybe to Americans and Brighton could be to Brits.

    Charlotte of course is a nice name and a city. I like Savannah too.

  4. I can understand this. Brighton is a beautiful city, and the people were very courteous when I visited.

  5. i met a baby boy named Brighton and thought it was nice, but soon realized my family from New England thought it sounded like “he’s a bright-un, y’all”, so killed that idea. if it weren’t for them, i may consider using it.

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