Ten-Name Tuesday: Boy Name & Girl Name for Twins

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You’re in a crowded costume store, rifling through a bin of plastic masks — zombies, demons, evil clowns, creepy dolls — and chatting with the friendly man next to you. Both of you are doing some last-minute shopping for various Halloween parties coming up. Just as you discover the classic Frankenstein mask that you’ve been looking for, he mentions that he’s also on the hunt for a pair of baby names:

We are 2 dads Casey & James having boy & girl twins. One of us likes unique and the other more traditional.

“Do you have any suggestions?”

You’re a name-lover, and you could potentially give him many, many suggestions…but now that you’ve found your mask, you only have time to give him ten baby name suggestions — five for each twin — before you make a dash for the check-out line.

But here’s the fun part: Instead of blurting out the first ten names you come up with (which is what you’d be forced to do in real life) you get to press a magical “pause” button, brainstorm for a bit, and then “unpause” the scenario to offer her the best ten names you can think of.

Some things to keep in mind as you brainstorm:

  • Be independent. Decide on your ten names before looking at anyone else’s ten names.
  • Be sincere. Would you honestly suggest these particular baby names out loud to a stranger in public?
  • Ten names only! All names beyond the first ten in your comment will be either deleted or replaced with nonsense words.
    • DETAILS: Please comment with 5 female names and 5 male names. Either list them in two separate groups or, if you prefer, pair them up (1 male name + 1 female name). Don’t go over 10 names total, though.

Finally, here’s the request again:

We are 2 dads Casey & James having boy & girl twins. One of us likes unique and the other more traditional.

Which ten baby names are you going to suggest?

[To send in your own 2-sentence baby name request, here are the directions, and here’s the contact form.]

17 thoughts on “Ten-Name Tuesday: Boy Name & Girl Name for Twins

  1. Gabriel and Harriet
    Sorry, I could only come up with one pair. Could have done with some more parameters such as preferred letters, sounds, theme?

  2. Willa


    Tried to focus on names with a serious/traditional tone, but rarer usage. :)

  3. Before suggesting anything i just want to say i have always liked the idea of twins having names with the same initial letter so here are my suggestions:
    Christiana and Caleb
    London and Liam
    Charlotte and Cody
    Jaxie and Jackson
    Bailey and Brody

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