Top Jewish baby names in Israel, decade by decade

Flag of Israel
Flag of Israel

Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority recently released decade-by-decade lists of the most popular Jewish baby names in Israel since the establishment of the state (in mid-1948).

DecadeTop 3 Girl NamesTop 3 Boy Names
1950sEsther, Rachel, SarahMoshe, Yosef, Avraham
1960sRachel, Esther, RonitYosef, Moshe, Avraham
1970sMichal, Keren, MeravMoshe, David, Yosef
1980sMichal, Adi, MoranMoshe, David, Roei
1990sEden, Sapir, AdiDaniel, David, Moshe
2000sNoa, Shira, YaelDaniel, Itay, Uri
2010s so farShira, Noa, TamarItay, Uri, Noam

In 5775, the top names for Jewish babies in Israel were Tamar and Ori (aka Uri).

Source: Abebe, Adeno. “Israel’s most popular names by decade.” Ynetnews 25 Feb. 2016.

Image: Adapted from Flag of Israel (public domain)

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