Baby Name Battle: Petrichor vs. Tesseract

Time for a baby name battle!

First off, yes: Petrichor and Tesseract are both legit human names now. I found baby girls named Petrichor and Tesseract in the 2016 Alberta data and 2017 Quebec data, respectively.

Both names are inventive, unusual, and incredibly geeky.

So…if you were having a daughter, and you had to name her either Petrichor or Tesseract, which would it be?

I'd go for...

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If you have a specific reason why, tell us in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Baby Name Battle: Petrichor vs. Tesseract

  1. Petrichor, hands down, so when she asks for money I can say “No, unlike you, I am a stone you can’t squeeze blood from!

    That’ll be hilarious right up until the moment she snaps and kills me.

  2. Tesseract easily shortens to Tessie. I would shorten Petrichor to Peter or Pete.
    I guess what I’m saying is that I’d choose Petrichor for a boy and Tesseract for a girl.

  3. If those were the only options I’d go for Tesseract since it could easily be shortened to Tess, Tessa, etc. which I like better than Petra.

  4. Petrichor because the definition is more obviously pleasant. I have trouble wrapping my mind around what a tesseract is. For a female, either nickname Petra or Tess would work, so that’s why I decided based upon the actual meanings of the words.

  5. I love Petrichor which is why I voted for it. I came across this word a few years back and its meaning is fantastic, especially since I love the scent of the earth after rain. The fact that there’s a word for it makes it all the more fantastic.

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