Mystery Monday: Tyronda

Today’s mystery name is primarily Tyronda, which, from 1977 to 1978, was the second-fastest rising girl name in the nation (after Aja, the fastest-rising girl name).

But I’ve also got to throw in Tyronza and Tyrhonda — similar names that saw similar rises in usage in 1978.

All three saw peak usage in 1979:

198040 baby girls20 baby girls13 baby girls
197981 baby girls [peak]27 baby girls [peak]28 baby girls [peak]
197873 baby girls25 baby girls17 baby girls [debut]
19776 baby girls..
197610 baby girls..

I’ve searched high and low, but so far I can’t figure out what affected these names.

The variant spellings suggest the influence was audio as opposed to visual, and the state data reveals that usage was concentrated in the South (e.g., Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina), but those are the only two clues I can offer.

Do you have any thoughts on this one?

3 thoughts on “Mystery Monday: Tyronda

  1. Perhaps Tyronda is a mash-up of dad Tyrone or Tyler with mom Rhonda/Ronda? That naming style would be similar to parents Richard and Ellen naming their daughter Richelle. Even so, it doesn’t explain the sudden surge in popularity — it’s a mystery.

  2. There was a recent sold listing for a porcelain doll named “Tyronda Marie” on Ebay. It was from the “Irma Gheduzzi Collection” of dolls. I wasn’t able to find out much about the Irma Gheduzzi dolls, but they seem to have been around in the 70’s so perhaps it is connected to the spike in the usage of Tyronda. There is a picture with the listing but no info on when it was made.

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