“I love that site”

~someone on Reddit*

Nancy’s Baby Names was founded in early 2006. It was one of the first baby name blogs! These days the site has two main sections: the blog, updated every weekday, and the directory, featuring bazillions of baby name popularity graphs. Well, over 100,000 anyway.

Nancy Man
Nancy Man (riding an aerial gondola with my nieces) – Royal Gorge, April 2018
The “Nancy” behind the site is me, Nancy Man. I’m a Colorado-based writer who has been fascinated by names since childhood. Check out the post on Flavilla, for instance.

My mission is to dig up baby names that have cool stories. I do deep-dives into the U.S. data to unearth gems like Korla, Thedy, Iuma, Qiana, Sochi, Clovia, Leneve, Calizza, and Trilby. Many of the hundreds of names I’ve discovered have never been written about before — uncharted territory in the world of baby names! I’m out to find as many as I can and not just blog about them all, but make fun ebooks out of them. I’ve only got one done so far, but more are on the way!

Over the years, my name-writing has appeared and/or been linked-to from lots of other sites, including New York Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, the U.S. Census Bureau, Woman’s Day, Redbook, Daily Mail, Mental Floss, HuffPo, Vice.com, The Week, etc.

I love hearing from readers, so feel free to get in touch! Here’s the contact page.

*Here’s that Reddit comment.