“I love that site”

~someone on Reddit*

Nancy’s Baby Names was founded in early 2006. It was one of the first baby name blogs! These days the site has two main sections: the blog, updated every weekday, and the directory, featuring bazillions of baby name popularity graphs. Well, over 100,000 anyway.

Nancy Man
Nancy Man (riding an aerial gondola with my nieces) – Royal Gorge, April 2018

The “Nancy” behind the site is me, Nancy Man. I’m a Massachusetts-born, Harvard-educated, Colorado-based writer who has been fascinated by names since childhood. (My first name obsession? Flavilla.)

My mission is to dig up baby names that have cool stories/explanations. I do deep-dives into the U.S. data to unearth gems like Trilby, Korla, Thedy, Iuma, Leneve, Calizza, Qiana, Tierney, and Uldine. I’ve written about hundreds of these names — some for the first time ever on the internet (uncharted territory in the world of baby names!) — and I’ve got hundreds more on deck.

Over the years, my name-writing has appeared and/or been linked-to from lots of other sites, including New York Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, the U.S. Census Bureau, Woman’s Day, Redbook, Daily Mail, Mental Floss, HuffPo, Vice.com, The Week, etc.

I love hearing from readers, so feel free to get in touch! Here’s the contact page.

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*Reddit comment.