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Dave BrubeckA few days after jazz musician Dave Brubeck passed away, I spotted a news story about a couple with a young son named Brubeck.

Krissy Rowe and Terrance Lynch of Myrtle Beach had their baby boy on November 16, 2011. His full name is Brubeck York Lynch.

The couple liked that the name Brubeck sounded “important” and was unique.

[Krissy’s] first concert at 18 was Dave Brubeck. She listened to the jazz artist throughout her pregnancy and found the music especially helpful when it came to relaxing and napping.

Before settling on Brubeck, they were debating between the names Bureau (?!) and Doctor.

What does the surname Brubeck mean? In Dave Brubeck’s case, Brubeck is a variant of Brodbeck (according to this family tree). The surname Brodbeck is a German occupational surname meaning “bread baker.”

Do you like “Brubeck” as a baby name? Do you think more babies will be named Brubeck in the coming months?

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