Baby name story: Brubeck

Jazz musician Dave Brubeck (1920-2012)
Dave Brubeck

A few days after jazz pianist Dave Brubeck passed away, I spotted a news story about a couple with a young son named Brubeck.

Krissy Rowe and Terrance Lynch of Myrtle Beach had their baby boy on November 16, 2011. His full name is Brubeck York Lynch.

The couple liked that the name Brubeck sounded “important” and was unique.

[Krissy’s] first concert at 18 was Dave Brubeck. She listened to the jazz artist throughout her pregnancy and found the music especially helpful when it came to relaxing and napping.

Before settling on Brubeck, they were debating between the names Bureau (?!) and Doctor.

What does the surname Brubeck mean? In Dave Brubeck’s case, Brubeck is a variant of Brodbeck, a German occupational surname meaning “bread baker.”

Do you like “Brubeck” as a baby name? Do you think more babies will be named Brubeck in the coming months?


Image: Adapted from Dave Brubeck photo by Jac. de Nijs via Nationaal Archief under CC0.

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11 thoughts on “Baby name story: Brubeck

  1. More on Brubeck’s mom, Krissy, from a friend who writes for xoJane:

    FACT: Krissy is naming the baby Brubeck, as in “living jazz legend” (per his website) Dave Brubeck.

    Another FACT: She had to be convinced not to name the baby Doctor, which I thought was amazing.

    FACT 3: Krissy and I used to sit around in my apartment stoned thinking of funny baby names all of the time, way before she got pregnant, and the best one was Bureau! Like, chest-of-drawers Bureau. Now give Bureau an elegant last name, like Washington, and suddenly it sounds kind of dignified and swanky. Bureau Washington. Right?

    I’m just glad they didn’t go with Bureau.

  2. We have neighbors who named their son Brubeck early in 2012. His name is Brubeck Eco H. I have not talked to them about the name, but they also have a 3-year-old daughter named Sonata, so I think it’s fair to assume they are music lovers.

  3. I think the name is great! After months of talking names my husband and I settled on Bennett, as in Tony. We both love music and it just fit perfectly! Now we are talking about a name for Bennett’s little brother and nothing is as great. We want to stick with our musical theme (cat- Sinatra dogs- Maestro, Figaro and Lola ), but its hard to match perfect. (When he was born he was a “singer” and actually had veins in his head that spelled Ben…crazy I know!) I have been racking my brain trying to think of a reference to Elton John to no avail. I love the name Jett, but husband hates it. Then I would have Bennett and Jett like Benny and the Jetts.

  4. Levon is one of my favorites actually, but like all my other great ideas husband thinks its weird. I even tried to tell him we could call him Levi, a family name… no dice. Thanks though!

  5. WOW I am so surprised there is another baby named Brubeck!!
    I am Brubeck’s Mommy :) Cool article Nance!

  6. Hi, Krissy! I’m the other Brubeck’s mommy. Can’t believe there’s another one! So crazy! Our son was born Oct. 4, 2011, so they’re only about a month and a half apart. Even crazier! Anyway, so fun to hear about your son. :)

  7. Hi Nancy!
    To Michelle H.

    My Brubeck was wondering how the other Brubeck is doing ? I was wondering how if they could be pen pals errr email pals

    Thanks so much


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