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The Next Big -den Name – Bladen, Dreyden, Graden, Payden

Jayden, Aidan, Caden, Braden and Hayden (and their many variants) are well-established on the list of the top U.S. baby names. Zayden and Raiden have joined the rankings recently as well.

Which “-den” name will be next to pop up on the list?

Well, the Sacred Heart Medical Center in Eugene, Oregon welcomed a baby Graden on April 5 and a baby Dreyden on May 2. Benefis Healthcare in Great Falls, Montana welcomed a baby Bladen on May 22 and a baby Payden on March 11. Those are some possibilities. And I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a Sladen, Tayden or Treyden on the list, either.

It’s likely that Xayden will show up at some point, but I’m not sure it should count as an entirely new “-den” name. (If you pronounce the X like a Z, it’s a variant of Zayden; if you pronounce the Z like an H, it’s a variant of Hayden.)

So which “-den” would you put your money on? Why?

Update: Just spotted a Blayden, born on May 6th at St. Joseph Hospital in Washington state.